On Notice

A list of things/people that are currently bugging me, not necessarily in order of importance, but in order that they came to mind. Used recently by Gordon, and, in a somewhat different way, Lefty. Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to create a quick post, especially when it has such a therapeutic aspect. And even better, I may be able to use it again in six months or a year.
Those of you that know what the first item is can probably guess the next two.
BTW, the Times Union headline for 8/11/2006, with the article covering the top 3/4s of the paper – that insignificant story about a plot to blow up 10 airplanes from U.K. to the U.S. being thwarted covering the final section – was “A son, a murderer”; the New York Post would have been proud. Conversely, the Gazette (from Schenectady) used something provocative such as “Porco Found Guilty”.

On the other hand, I don’t have to put “on notice” only the things that annoy me, but also the things that I like.
There was an article in the local paper recently about Sasha Cohen, which said she was the 10th most popular female athlete in the country. Since my wife likes figure skating, Sasha Cohen and especially Michelle Kwan, I thought I’d find the rest of the list, which is shown below. If you want other results of The Harris Poll® #47, June 8, 2006, go here.


“Thinking about the female sports stars you like, which ones are your favorites?”
Base: All adults
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
Mia Hamm
Michelle Wie
Danica Patrick
Michelle Kwan
Annika Sorenstam
Maria Sharapova
Anna Kournikova
Sasha Cohen
* Not listed in that year
Those who are new to Top 10 This Year: Danica Patrick (No. 5), Maria Sharapova (No. 8), Sasha Cohen (No. 10).
Those on the 2005 List Who Have Dropped Out of the Top Ten This Year
Lisa Leslie (was No. 7), Billie Jean King (was tied for No. 8), Martina Navratilova (was tied for No 8), Chris Evert (was tied for No. 9), Mary Lou Retton (was tied for No. 9).

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