I was elected as Vice-President of the Friends of the Albany Public Library last May. Being vice-president of most organizations is a peculiar thing; there’s nothing one is really mandated to do in that capacity, except to run the meeting if the president is absent.

FDR’s first Vice-President, John Nance Garner, a/k/a “Cactus Jack”, is famously noted for saying the vice presidency wasn’t worth “a warm bucket of spit,” although reporters allegedly changed the spelling of the last word for print. I note this because when I was on JEOPARDY! some years back, my opponents and I could not remember his name.

For the Friends, I am supposed to work on the quarterly mailing, but that’s more difficult since they take place during the day AND I’m working further from downtown.

So, what to do? Well, if you’re me, you start a blog. So I did. Back in July, I showed a couple people how easy is it would be to do one. Then I promptly forgot about it until shortly before the September monthly meeting. Now, I’ve found a rhythm to the thing and plan to update it regularly.
Scooter answers my questions.
Lefty discusses the mixed CD he sent me. And disses me AGAIN (see Fiona Apple).
Gordon discusses the mixed CD he sent me. And DOESN’T diss me. But he does offer tarot readings.

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