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Now that I’ve finally gotten out my larcenous CDs per Gordon’s exchange – apologies to all, but it was technology plus stubbornness, described next week when I describe what I did musically – I’ll note briefly that I enjoyed all the mixes I’ve received to one degree or another.

Gordon started with a song that, for whatever reason, didn’t grab me, but much of the rest was quite enjoyable, even though he stole my Clash song. For some reason I was particulatrly fond of how
Der Komissar by After the Fire worked with Cheap Trick’s Dream Police. And Slip Away was an inspired choice, which never would have occurred to me.

Curiously, I didn’t much like the first cut on the contribution by Lefty either, which surprised me, because it often means that I won’t like what follows, but this is not the case. Fiona Apple’s Criminal was on my briefly considered list for my own mix. I loved the flow from Condi, Condi (Steve Earle) to another song about her and her ilk, Sweet Neo Con (The Rolling Stones), to a Rolling Stones cover, Street Fighting Man (Rod Stewart). The Hey Joe/Down by the River pairing was going to be on my disc; I may STILL do a requested “murder ballads” disc for someone, and they most assuredly would be included. Heroes and Villains by the Beach Boys – an inspired choice for the finale. The only other song I didn’t enjoy was the RATM, which after the fifth or sixth curse in a row, I had to just hit fast forward. Oh, and Lydia described the White Stripes cut as noise; I wouldn’t csll it that.

Tosy puts together a much more theatrical mix, with mostly unfamiliar (to me) pieces. I must say, the second listen was better than the first, and the third better than the second. It requires a bit of active listening. I did like The Vampires/Mack the Knife/Strange Fruit grouping, which were the only familiar tunes besides Miss Otis Regrets and the songs from West Side Story. Worth another listen.

I didn’t find a list of Eddie’s songs for this exchange, but I should note the Chieftains/Mick Jagger version of Long Black Veil was on my list. I do find descriptions of the previous mix or two, but I do like them all, even though they’re all mostly a slice of Americana, as he’s described them. BTW, Eddie, both the Del McCoury Band and Emmylou Harris played here in October. Unfortunately, I saw neither, but I’ve provided reviews. Ms. Harris was sold out, and we couldn’t get a sitter to see your man Del.

Also got a disc from this guy, which I liked in parts – my daughter was dancing to some of it – but not yet from this guy, who’s going to Egypt soon.
The World Series started on Saturday, and seriously, I forgot. The Mets are gone, and the WS has receded in my mind.
The mother of Princess, Bud, Kitten and Mr. Spock died this week.
Things more difficult to do with a strained right wrist:
-Change a bottle of water
-Use a plunger to unclog the toilet
-Lift anything much heavier than a daily newspaper
-Pour milk or juice from a container larger than a half pint
-Turn a door lock
-Turn on the stove
-Ride a bicycle

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