The Lydster, Part 31: Useful

These are some of the 30 month retrospective pics I was going to use last month, but the Blogger was acting up.

You DO realize the real reason I write these, don’t you? Because, while they are fresh in my mind NOW, they’ll be a point when I’ll say to the wife, “Wife, when did Lydia…?” and she won’t know, either.

Lydia has become very helpful. She finds glasses, keys, shoes, TV remotes and other items. The fact that she may have misplaced some of these items is irrelevant.

She helps with the laundry. I brought a bunch of bottles to the return section of the supermarket, and without being asked, she hands me bottles to put in the machine; interestingly, she never gave me the can that was also in the bag, and which went in another machine.

She’s very quick to let me know I should be brushing my teeth in the bathroom, or that certain socks just don’t go with her outfit.

Apparently, day care centers all over the country teach kids how to put on their coats by lying them on the ground then flipping the coats over their heads. Or something like that. She’s also figured out the left shoe on the left foot thing, which saves time in the morning.

She’s very good at taking her liquid medicine all by herself, after we put it in the vial. Alas, she’s not so crazy about her nose spray.

Sure she washes her hands, but she’s also figured out which faucet is hot and which is cold in the bathroom, and to turn on the cold one first, lest she burn herself, at least most of the time.

Oh, there’s other stuff to brag about, I’m sure, but it’ll keep.

Next month, new pics for sure. (Yes, Claire, I’m still having them DEVELOPED.)

Lovin’ the child.
Happy birthday, Becky, my eldest niece.

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