Roger (Finally) Answers Your Questions, Scott

Scott wants to know:

1. What is your best/happiest New Year’s Eve moment?

It was 1997. My ex-girlfriend (now my wife) Carol, her brother Mark, her ex-roommate Leanne and a couple others came over to my apartment. Mark dropped off a used computer, then we went off to First Night, catching the bus on Lark Street. It was evident that by the time we got to the State Museum five or six blocks away that Mark and Leanne were quite smitten with each other, and they got into “testing” each other to see if the other would stick around or go off to another event. They got engaged about four days later, got married on January 1, 1999. (And are still married with a lovely five-year-old daughter.)

2. Has a movie(or movies) ever made you cry?
Oh, geez, lots of movies make me cry. I got a little misty at the end of Dreamgirls, e.g.

I was half watching It’s A Wonderful Life on the computer in Charlotte (at this site, recommended by this person on Christmas Day, when I caught the early scene where the pharmacist mixes up a prescription and George doesn’t deliver it. “It’s poison, I tell you, poison!” I’d seen that scene a dozen times, but I really got caught up in the pharmacist’s pain at losing his son to the war.
Philadelphia, a very flawed movie, but that damn last scene when they’re showing the home movies, with Neil Young’s title song in the background…
I’m not sure if I cried during the scene when the Kevin Costner plays catch with his father in Field of Dreams when I first saw it, but I have since my father passed six years ago. So does Johnny Bench, I’ve read.
Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins free in Shawshank Redemption.
I’m sure there are scenes in In America, but I’m not remembering the specific moments.
Liam Neeson In Schindler’s List when he does the “I could have saved” speech at the end. Also the second appearance of the little girl in color.
The original Brian’s Song near the end.
At the end of Glory.
After the end of the blackout in Apollo 13. (That must be a good movie, given the fact that I knew the outcome.)
I’m SURE there are others.

3. Do you think that in 20 years George W. Bush will be regarded as one of the worst US Presidents in history?

One never knows, of course. Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon was blasted at the time, and now is regarded as healing the nation. The audiotapes that Bob Woodward has released after Ford’s death, though, make me wonder if he was just feeling sorry for an old friend. Perhaps it set up a bad precedent that a President is somehow above the law, which the current occupant seems to feel.
Oh, but one mustn’t lie about sex. I’m convinced that if Clinton hadn’t been impeached, W. would be this year, but the Dems don’t want to appear vindictive, or tear thwe country apart, again.
Recently, I read an article in the Baltimore Sun that suggested that Harry Truman was as ill-regarded in 1950 as W. was in 2006, and that Truman is now considered favorably. Moreover Truman had Korea; Bush had 9/11.
So, I don’t know, but I’d think Yes, he’ll be treated poorly by history. He put all of his eggs in the “war President” basket, and they got scrambled. If he had gone into Afghanistan, captured bin Ladin, isolated Saddam, as we had in January 2003, when we occupied the country without a shot being fired, he’d probably have come off as one of the better Presidents. And the primary reason I think he’ll suffer will be in comparison with Poppa Bush, who sent troops to fight in Iraq, but didn’t invade Baghdad. Some thought it was a mistake (I didn’t), and he proved to be right. Oh, BTW, I watched one of the Ford funerals on the DVR yesterday – there were at least four; this is the one in the Episcopal cathedral in DC on Tuesday last – and Bush 41 did a GREAT imitation of Dana Carvey doing Bush 41 (“Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent.”) Bush 43’s speech, by contrast, was an OK text with a bland delivery.

4. It appears that you enjoy your job. But if there was something else you could do for a living, what would it be?

Something in baseball. Official scorer, base coach. Unless I could make money pontificating as I do in this blog.

5. Do you think the Detroit Tigers can repeat as AL champs? (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

They can, but they probably won’t. I don’t pay that much attention to the game until spring training, but it seems that the Red Sox may have made themselves stronger. The Twins and the Yankees are still around. But I figure it’ll be some team I wasn’t expecting, such as the one in Cleveland.

Great questions, Scott! Thanks.

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