7 Songs I Am Enjoying This Week

Part of the social contract of the blog is, whenever possible, to respond to the tag. Lefty tagged me to “list seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying.” How to limit it to seven? there’s that Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters I’ve been listening to, and the new Sean Lennon album; I’m seeing him at The Egg on April 10.

Not surprisingly, most of these folks were born in March.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down-Johnny Cash (February 26). From the posthumous American V, this is a remake of Moby’s Run On, which was a remake of Bill Langford and the Langfordaires’ 1930s Run On for a Long Time. A morality tale. BTW, Nik has a link to a great Johnny Cash team-up.

Let’s Make More Love-Nat King Cole (March 17). From the Billy May Sessions of the 1950s, this song has a certain call-and-response quality. This song fascinated me musically, but also because the composer is listed as “unknown”.

Who Needs You?-Aretha Franklin (March 25). From The First 12 Sides, an album she did for Columbia before she moved to Atlantic in ’67 and became the Queen Of Soul. Not sure it was released until later, though, since the © is 1973. More pop than soul, but quite enjoyable.

My Father’s Gun-Elton John (March 25). Always liked his early albums such as Tumbleweed Connection, and always especially love the choir in this chorus. An album I own on vinyl, so went to the library to burn a CD, guilt free.

Circlesong Six- Bobby McFerrin (March 11). There’s a 1997 album called Circlesongs, essentially a dozen or folks standing around doing eight interesting vocalizations. As the liner notes indicate: “No words are necessary, and, in fact, words only get in the way of the interaction between the singer and the Divine.”

Papa Was a Rolling Stone-the Temptations. The 12-minute version from the 2003 collection Psychedelic Soul. I love this era of the Temps, the Norman Whitfield-produced, Whitfield-and Barrett Strong-written period, even more than the early stuff. Did you know Barrett Strong had the first Motown hit single with “Money”?

Bring It On Home-Sonny Boy Williamson. Apparently, this is the “second” (though older), more famous Sonny Boy, born Dec 5, 1899, rather than the first (Mar. 30, 1914). Anyway, this is a song Led Zeppelin stole for their second album. It’s not that I minded them doing the song. I DID mind that they credited themselves. And musically, I really like LZ.

I now will tag…no one. Tosy, Gordon, Jaquandor, Marconi: do it if you feel like it. Or not.
At least Lefty namechecked me here. I tried to figure out what song the Beatles were doing without the sound; impossible.
I love the music of Emmylou Harris. I own at least four of her five LPs from the 1970s; several of her recent discs, including the pivotal Wrecking Ball; Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions with Linda Ronstadt; All the Roadrunning with Mark Knopfler; both Trio albums with Dolly Parton and Ronstadt; and probably others that I’ve forgotten. Not to mention lots of backup singing, notably on Ronstadt’s oeuvre. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve long had a bit of a crush on her. Happy birthday, Emmylou, who turns the big six-oh today.
Georgetown lost to Ohio State, but I can still win my pool if Ohio State beats Florida tonight. GO, BUCKEYES. This is at least the third year in a row that I’ve been around for the final game; maybe the third time will be the charm.


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