Summertime QUESTIONS

I NEED sunglasses, preferably those that will fit over my prescription glasses. When I left my office – with its tinted glass – a couple weeks ago, right before our vacation, I was frustrated that I had left my sunglasses on my desk at work, and since the bus was coming, I didn’t have time to retrieve them; I cannot get into my building over the weekend.
So, that Sunday, right after we left the 50th anniversary party for our friends Vaughn and Hugh Nevin, I bought another pair, right before our trip. The next day, I misplaced THOSE and suffered greatly, so I bought another pair. My wife said, “Did you know those are women’s sunglasses?” “Yes,” I grumbled, “and if I didn’t, the tag on the glasses with a picture of a woman wearing them would have tipped me off.”
In any case, the following day, we went to another store and I bought TWO pair of (men’s) sunglasses, then on the last day of the trip, Carol found the pair I misplaced.
So, with the pair I left at work, I now have FOUR pair. This is a good thing; my eyes really suffer, especially in the summer, but also off the glare of the sun on the snow in the winter. And Carol now has a spare pair.

(BTW, I read a bit ago that U2’s Bono’s penchant for sunglasses comes partially to eyes very sensitive to light.)

This leads us to the question of the week, a real audience participation gig, I hope: What is your best piece of advice for getting through the summer? Mine would be to protect not only your skin but also your eyes from harmful UV rays. I learned from JEOPARDY! last month (June 21) that “the American Academy of Ophthalmology declares July safety month for these [UV] rays.”

Also, any summertime recipes, summertime fun suggestions, cures for the summertime blues. One specific thing my wife wants to know is: What’s the best way to boil an egg so that the shell peels off most easily? Does it have to do with the boiling method, the cooling method, the cracking technique? So, stuff like that.
The Summer Olympics start one year, one month and one day from now in Beijing. Today seems to have numeric import as well, I hear.
One more reason I oppose the death penalty.
In case you missed it, Keith Olbermann quotes John Wayne.


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