You Be The Judge

I entered this “How To” Writing Contest recently. I’m supposed to pick the three – I assume not including my own – that I like the best by next Tuesday. So, what I’m requesting is for you to tell me what YOU think is best; I’ll compare it with the five I’ve winnowed it down to. Please let me know what you think by Monday, September 24 at 9 pm Eastern Time. There’s only one “lock” in my mind – do you want to guess which one? – so feel free to try to persuade me.


Talk Like a Pirate Day ’07

Ahoy, ye mateys! Jolly Roger Green here with another Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Here ye find some Pirate quotes. Yo ho ho.

Some Willie Stargell quotes. (He be the pirate pictured.)

Pirates of the Atlantic game. Drink a bottle of rum, for I have not tried it meself.

And here’s the account of the great pirate Roberto Clemente and his 3000th flogging:

If ye be looking for more Roberto Clemente quotes, I hoisted those last year. And I see that I never mentioned Clemente by name, yet that Scott sussed it out anyway, that scurvy dog.
Which brings me to my new favorite project: retrospectively labeling my posts. It’s a tedious process, and I figure it’ll take weeks or months, betwixt and between. But then I’ll be able – and YOU’LL be able – to find articles on topics more easily than by search. At this writing, I’ve only labeled the pieces from from May 2 to July 12, 2005 and from January 18, 2007 forward; my goal is to be finished by my birthday in March.


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