Roger Answers Your Questions, Spryglet

Our next contestant I know personally:
Hey Roger!

I’ve been thinking about something for a couple of days now, and I thought you might be a good person to bounce this musing off of (perhaps you’ve already addressed the topic on your blog and a simple re-direct will do the trick!).

Recently, I’ve been mulling over the question of blogging vs letter writing. Naturally, they are not mutually exclusive activities and there is no reason one can’t do both. That said, there are only so many hours in the day.

Now, you are an amazingly consistent blogger. But I was wondering, how are you in the letter writing department? Has that changed a lot since you began blogging?

As you know, Socks and I started a modest blog to highlight some of our adventures as we relocated from NYC to Las Vegas. Recently, the blog has sort of morphed into “Las Vegas sites and curiosities” (as seen through our eyes). When we write the blog, we definitely have our friends back east in mind as the intended audience. (And as an aside, I keep a personal hand written journal in which I try to record the day’s events, even if only in list form. That’s for personal use). But I find that my letter writing has decreased significantly. And now, I am slowly realizing that I miss it. True, I would often find myself cutting and pasting portions of one letter to another. But I always tried to make sure that it was personalized.

Anyway, I was wondering your thoughts on the topic.

That aside, I also miss seeing you if only at the holidays (MidWinter, MidSummer, etc.). And I do miss being back east. Being in Nevada is strange. However I think this will be one of the first elections in which my vote in the presidential elections will actually mean something. Although there have been exceptions, New York has rarely gone Republican. Nevada is up for grabs.

Anyway, I just wanted to seize the moment and say HI!

I hope that all is well with you, Carol & Lydia.

Stay well.



Back in the 1970s and 1980s, I was a prolific letter writer. Influenced undoubtedly by some author’s letters, I even copied, using something called carbon paper, some of the letters I wrote. During the same period, I started keeping journals. Many got destroyed in the flooded basement of the apartment building I lived in a decade ago, but a few survived, which has allowed me to write some of that specific FantaCo stuff, as well as relive painful affairs of the heart.

My letter writing started to diminish a little in the 1990s, especially when I first got e-mail, and shrank even further upon the birth of my child. In fact, it is the blogs where most of my non-work writing takes place. But it hasn’t supplanted letter-writing, because my letter-writing was already on the wane.

I should also note that I’m jealous as hell of you. New York is a mortal lock for Obama. Frankly, I’m disturbed by the fact that polling has determined whether candidates even bother in some locations. McCain, though, has been running ads nationally on ABC’s World News.

My best to Socks.

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