QUESTION: Political paraphrenalia

Today’s question is pretty straightforward. Do you you display bumper stickers, lawn signs or buttons touting the candidates you support?

Bumper stickers: no, my wife doesn’t like them, and I do see her point. Those Kerry/Edwards stickers that I STILL see on the backs of vehicles are quaint, and perhaps even gives the driver the sense of some political cover, but we just don’t do that.

Lawn signs: our neighbors who are politically involved locally always have lawn signs. Though they too are Democrats, they are usually NOT for the candidates I support. The only time I know I displayed one is when my friend Judy, who I’ve known at least since 1974, ran for the school board. BTW, she won.

Buttons: I like to collect political buttons. I might wear one for a day here and there, when I’m likely to be in a non-hostile crowd, but not generally. there was a button, though, that I wore almost daily for about a year. It was green and white and all it said was Choose Peace. I wore it from September 2002 to about September 2003, then sporadically thereafter. I got both a lot of compliments (mostly peace signs and smiles) and a lot of complaints (something about “supporting our troops”, if memory serves). I’ll have to dig it out and wear it again.


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