Why I Blog

Someone asked me to give him an example of a piece I wrote that I thought kept me sane. I replied:
It’s not that I have a particular piece I’m talking about. It’s the exercise of writing something every day. Sometimes, it’s just an Internet meme, but even that allows me to put my personal stamp on it. Moreover, I must have been doing something right on my blog [here], because the local paper invited me to write on THEIR blog.
Moreover, I’ve become such an “expert” on it that giving some advice to a business blogger, and I attended a conference in Chicago, where a colleague and I talked about Starting Your SBDC Blog (based on our experience doing THIS blog.

All I know is that, before the blog, I wanted to write and didn’t because I lacked discipline to write something that, likely, no one would see; the public nature of the blog forces me to post to it (or actually them) regularly.
When they recalibrated SiteMeter, they said I’d get more page views. While the number of hits has remained about the same, the number of average views per visit jumped from about 1.4 to about 2.4. Every once in a while, I look to see what articles are bringing folks to the blog. This piece on the October 4, 1987 snowstorm – 21 years ago this week – has been big the past month. My rant about the Beatles butchers has also been popular recently.
I went to some SEO – search engine optimization – site recently, put in my URL, and this is what it recommended:
Keyword Suggestion
Searches / month
sarah palin 668,160
sarah palin nude 35,340
sarah palin pictures 23,370
sarah palin photos 22,440
sarah palin pics 15,540
sarah palin bikini 15,390
sarah palin naked 9,540
sarah palin speech 8,670
sarah palin children 6,330
sarah palin legs 6,910
sarah palin vogue 5,760
sarah palin swimsuit 4,500
pictures of sarah palin 4,440
sarah palin bio 4,410
sarah palin miss alaska 4,320

Now, while it’s true that I’ve talked about Sarah Palin, even before she was picked as Vice-Presidential candidate, and showed pictures of her, albeit not in a bikini, I never talked about Sarah Palin being naked. And I wrote about so many topics OTHER than Sarah Palin. I do wish I knew exactly how SEO worked.

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