30-Day Challenge: Day 22- Picture Of You On This Day

This week is extraordinarily convoluted.

OK, I don’t know how to take a picture of me on this day. I gave my wife a digital camera for Christmas, 2007. She doesn’t know how to use it either. I have actually taken pictures accidentally with my cell phone but haven’t figured out: 1) how I did it or 2) how to retrieve them.

Now, to be fair, neither of us have put much effort into it; always something more pressing. I suppose I could have asked someone else, but I am disinclined.

So this is a picture I took of myself with a one-use camera a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I intentionally wanted to look crazed; I’m not ALWAYS looking crazed, I don’t think. And the Miles Davis puffy cheeks were affectations as well.

Arthur, the AmeriNZ guy, talks about the peculiarity of saying one is busy when one is always busy. Well, I’m not, usually. But this week is extraordinarily convoluted.

Monday morning: Carol had meeting, brings daughter to my work for a couple of hours.
Monday afternoon: I get long-needed haircut, not so much for the hair on the top of my head as much as the stuff on the chin.
Wednesday morning: donate blood.
Thursday evening: choir party, while the wife and daughter go to wedding rehearsal.
Friday morning: closing on a home equity loan. Actually, it’s a refi, for about 2.5 percentage points lower than it was originally. Well worth it.
And this weekend is the aforementioned wedding, which is a two-day affair.
This plus, you know, actually trying to get work done, writing the blog, living the life. Haven’t read the paper since Sunday.

So that’s all I’ve got today.
Except for this story, which REALLY irritates me:
Los Angeles Times | Sept. 2, 2010 | 8:31 a.m.

State prosecutors have asked a judge to reverse her decision to overturn the murder conviction of a man who was set free last year after serving 26 years in prison.

Bruce Lisker, who was accused of killing his mother in 1985, should be sent back to prison because the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in another case that inmates should not be allowed to file late petitions for release even if they can prove they are innocent, according to the attorney general’s motion filed late Wednesday.

Lisker had missed a federal deadline in which to file his petition but was allowed to pursue the constitutional claims in his case because he met an “actual innocence” exception, the judge had ruled.

Let’s not let a little thing like innocence get in the way of the process?
A Temptations song appropriate for the date.

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