I’ve been long fascinated with lying. One of the most significant books that I’ve ever read was Lying by Sissela Bok, who makes the point that there are moral consequences of lying, even for a good cause.

I almost started watching Lie To Me, that FOX show about this guy who can always discern a liar. Almost everyone believes they recognize a liar, but listening to some of the political discourse, I’m not convinced of that.

Surely, American jurisprudence is based heavily on the notion that the jury can tell who’s lying and who is not. And it’s scary; I find that, particularly in periods of stress, I engage in behaviors commonly associated with lying, such as repeating the questioners words, so that I am not misunderstood. This is especially true when asked a question is asked negatively: “Isn’t it true that…?”

The Three Dog Night song Liar:

Beatles Island Songs, 63-54

Peter Fonda was apparently involved.

JEOPARDY! answers (questions at the end)

THEY COVERED THE BEATLES $200: Tiffany was just 17 when she hit the top 10 with a reworked version of this Beatles song
THEY COVERED THE BEATLES $400: This duo had only just begun when they covered “Ticket To Ride” in 1970
THEY COVERED THE BEATLES $600: “We Can Work It Out” worked out to be one of the songs of his 1970 album “Signed, Sealed & Delivered”
THEY COVERED THE BEATLES $1000: Written in 1966, this song was a Top 10 hit from the Beatles in 1976 & for Earth, Wind & Fire in 1978
THEY COVERED THE BEATLES $4,000 (Daily Double): This singer got by with a 1968 version of a Beatles song.
Peacock Lennon haunts the Beatles.

Paul McCartney has written a major orchestral work for the New York City Ballet, “Ocean’s Kingdom,” to be performed on Sept. 22..

Paul Isn’t Bothered by Artists Remixing and Mashing-Up Beatles Music

5 Reasons George Harrison Might Be the Greatest Beatle, which concentrates on his post-Beatles work
The rules of engagement

63 Tell Me What You See from Help! (UK), Beatles VI (US). Fondness for this McCartney song is the harmony over the title and the almost Latin flavor of the bridge.
62 If I Needed Someone from Rubber Soul (UK), Yesterday and Today (US). The “If” makes all the difference in this Harrisong, that and great harmonies.
61 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Julian Lennon’s friend Lucy, about whom John wrote, died recently.
60 Love Me Do, A-side of single. The first single, simple song. McCartney sings the end parts alone because Lennon is busy playing the harmonica.
59 Tell Me Why from A Hard Day’s Night (UK & US), Something New (US). Like this Lennon song from the intro. Also reminds me of a harmony that my sister Marcia added to it in the day.
58 I Want to Tell You from Revolver. Love the intentional distortion in this Harrisong.
57 She Said She Said from Revolver. Lennon weirdness; Peter Fonda was apparently involved.
56 Hello, Goodbye from Magical Mystery Tour. It’s a simple McCartney song, but the countermelody late, and the out-of-the-blue ending makes it.
55 I’m Only Sleeping from Revolver (UK), Yesterday and Today (US). Mood set well by Lennon.
54 What You’re Doing from Beatles for Sale (UK), Beatles VI (US). Many fine elements in this McCartney song, not the least of which is the great instrumental bridge.

What is “I Saw Her Standing There”?
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What was “Got To Get You Into My Life”?
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