Beatles Island Songs, 33-24

Well, those Central girls knock me out,
They leave the North girls behind.
And Central girls make me sing and shout.
That Bulldog’s on my mi-mi-mi-mind.

JEOPARDY! answers (questions at the end)
MUSIC OF THE ’60s $100: In 1969 “Something” became the only No. 1 hit he composed for the Beatles
HILLS $400: The Beatles’ Rocky Raccoon was raised in them
SWEET 16 $400: Billboard numbers it as the Beatles’ 16th chart album; you can’t tell anything by its cover
MOVIE SONGS $100: In this 1968 Beatles title tune, “Every one of us has all we need, sky of blue and sea of green”
FINISH THE LINE $100: The Beatles: “Yesterday all my troubles seemed…”
FINISH THE LINE $600: The Beatles: “I think I’m gonna be sad…”
CHORUS LINES $800: The Beatles sang, “Hold me, love me, ain’t got nothin’ but love babe” this often
Video: Steve Martin talks collaboration with Paul McCartney on ABC-TV’s The View: “I’ve got to tell you, having Paul McCartney sing a song that I wrote has to be one of the greatest thrills of his life,” Martin quipped.

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon will do Japan benefit concert in New York March 27.
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33 I’m Down, B-side of Help! single. My friend Fred Hembeck says that this is just McCartney’s remake of Long Tall Sally, and he may very well be right. What hooked me on this song Continue reading “Beatles Island Songs, 33-24”