Beatles Island Songs, 43-34

It speaks volumes of John and Paul’s opinion that it starts the album.

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GEOGRAPHIC PHRASES $300: Beatles song that includes the line “And when I awoke I was alone, this bird had flown”
HITS OF THE ’40s $300: The Beatles’ “Anthology” includes a version of this ’40s tune whose title is Spanish for “Kiss me much”
I’M JUST A “BILL” $500: The Beatles asked him “What did you kill?”
MANY LOVES $600: The Beatles asked, “Would you believe in” this type of love, & others have wondered too
IT’S ALL ABOUT “YOU”, ISN’T IT? $400: It’s the title reason the Beatles say “You know you should be glad”
PROFESSIONS IN SONG $200: This song covered by the Beatles says, “Deliver the letter, the sooner the better”
The Beatles were the original punk rockers.

Disney sinks Zemeckis’ Yellow Submarine Remake – should that reference to Aug 2009 be 2011?

Taking Control: How Paul McCartney Tried to Reinvent the Beatles, an excerpt from the new book Come Together: The Business Wisdom of the Beatles by Richard Courtney and George Cassidy.

The rules of engagement

43 Hey Bulldog from Yellow Submarine. I’m a sucker for a great bass line. And animal noises. This Lennon song has both.
42 Roll Over Beethoven from With the Beatles (US), The Beatles’ Second Album (US). From the group’s touring days. Maybe that’s why some of those early covers, such as this Chuck Berry tune sung by Harrison, are so solid. Possibly George’s most solid effort from the first half of their run.
41 Revolution from the B-side of the Hey Jude single (UK), Hey Jude album (US). It’s loud, it’s political. What’s not to like?
40 All You Need Is Love from Magical Mystery Tour. When it first came out, I used to stand. Aren’t you supposed to rise for the national anthem, even of France? The lyrics of the verses by Lennon are almost incomprehensible, but it matters not. Kudos especially for the She Loves You reprise.
39 Here Comes the Sun from Abbey Road. Absolutely gorgeous Harrison tune, which continues to be one of the most popular downloads on iTunes.
38 I’ve Just Seen a Face from Help! (UK), Rubber Soul (US). This McCartney song is first on the American Rubber Soul album, and it’s difficult to disassociate it from that collection.
37 Helter Skelter from the white album. Charles Manson be damned, this is a serious tune that McCartney has been doing on tour this decade.
36 Taxman from Revolver. Again, great bass line. It speaks volumes of John and Paul’s opinion that it starts the album, and George’s obsession with money.
35 I Feel Fine, A-side of aa single (UK), Beatles ’65 (US). The intro has often been called the first best use of guitar feedback. Lennon song. An alternative link, which is even more fun!
34 If I Fell from A Hard Day’s Night (UK, US), Something New (US).The myth is that Lennon was the serious one, with McCartney as the sentimental one. This song, mostly written by John, belies that.

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