Christmas Meme

singing seasonal music

SamauraiFrog did this last year, based on this daily meme.

Favorite Tradition: Playing music. Usually start about the solstice and run to Epiphany, when nobody’s doing it. It goes well with my contrarian nature.
Favorite Elf: Don’t have one.
Santa or Mrs. Claus: about even.
Favorite Reindeer: Rudolph. I mean those other reindeer were mean. THEN they want to suck up to Rudy when he saves Christmas. Bah, humbug!
Favorite Holiday Snack: eggnog and Amaretto
Favorite Decoration: somewhere down the several moves, I’ve lost my favorites, which were these wooden, red hearts.
Favorite Christmas Movie: almost any version of A Christmas Carol. I loved the Mr. Magoo version as a child.
Favorite Christmas Song: Coventry Carol. Especially this version by Alison Moyet.
Favorite Christmas TV Special: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Favorite Thing To Wear: warm socks
Favorite Christmas Book: it’s a book of carols from Time/Life or Readers Digest
Favorite Gift You Ever Got: the first Hess truck I got, which was a fire truck.
Favorite Gift You Ever Gave: a reversible outfit I bought for my then six-y.o. niece (she’s turning 21); her mother loved it, and she had a picture taken in it. It fit her for almost three years.
Favorite Candy: candy cane
Favorite Christmas Website: probably SamuraiFrog’s

Favorite Tradition You Used To Do: go to church at 10:30 pm, and leave church at midnight. It almost always was snowing lightly.
Favorite Part of Christmas Eve: helping Santa
Favorite Part of Christmas Day: handing out the presents.
How Early Do You Get Up on December 25th: whenever the daughter wakes up
How Late Do You Stay Up on December 24th: about 11 p.m.
Favorite Christmas Picture: It’s probably one of the Daughter at age 3 or 4, which I’m too disorganized to find.
Anticipation or the Day: The day. The anticipation always comes with stress.
Advent Calendar You’re Doing: Bible reading
Favorite Christmas Thing You’re Doing/Done In School: singing seasonal music.
What Did You Get? well, I made a list. I want about the same thing, either every year (World Almanac, Hess truck, some music from my Amazon list), or every few years (Leonard Maltin movie guide).
What Did You Give? My sisters haven’t hinted NEARLY enough, but they’re far away. My wife and daughter are close enough to hint broadly, and I like that.
What Did You Feed Santa: cookies and milk.
What Did You Feed The Reindeer: nothing, but they do get water.
Do You Believe In Santa?: Of course!
Are You Sad? Now and then. Fearing the wreath of Khan.

‘Twas the weeks before Christmas, when all through the house,
I smelled a hint of the fire Europe was trying to douse.
It seemed to get bigger with each passing day,
From my investment portfolio, please, please stay away.
[12 verses, with embedded links!]
Favorite Part of the Season? Singing and listening to music.

Lower graphic from Stephen Wildish via HERE.