Ramblin’ with Roger 2012 Random Year in Review

Hey, it was HOT out.

My blogger buddy and near-twin Gordon, the only non-local blogger I ever met in person (2008 in Chicago) always does this thing whereby he randomly selects a blog post from each month in the past year, and does a single post that serves as a “year in review”. As these are random selections – I even use a random number generator to pick the post and the line – I’m not sure how representative these are, but what the hey.

January – Will the advent of the talkies mean the end of his career, in favor of younger talent, such as the pretty extra Peppy Miller (Argentinian-French actress Bérénice Bejo)? My review of the movie The Artist.

February – Here, then, is Salon’s Who’s the worst president of them all? My Presidents Day post.

March – Or maybe it’s just that these dudes want women to shut the hell up, particularly about issues that primarily impact women. A political rant, so VERY rare.

April – One library vendor decided, after the fact, that library patrons can only take out an e-book, I believe, 28 times, because that’s some average book circulation number. In answer to a question by Jaquandor, a technology rant.

May – (Although I was REALLY hoping she wouldn’t opt for the hyphenated choice; after a while, when Mary Smith-Wesson marries John Smith-Jones, and she -or they – become the Smith-Wesson=Smith-Jones family, it can get cumbersome.) My Mother’s Day post; the “she” is my wife Carol.

June – During the House committee hearings on impeachment, Republican House member William Cohen of Maine’s looked pained as he recognized his President’s failings. An ABC Wednesday post about Watergate.

July – The fact that a larger pool of consumers, historically, has lowered the costs of goods and services. Answering Amy’s question about health care.

August – The people of the congregation were all dressed with expensive clothes and fine jewelry. One of the very few times I stole a post from an e-mail. Hey, it was HOT out.

September – We’d been to their wedding only a few years earlier. A day in the life.

October – Ever since I was old enough to discern things independently of what my teachers taught me, I’ve been utterly fascinated by Columbus Day.

November – On either side, there are possibly more people than what the properties are zoned for, though I couldn’t prove it. Neighbors.

December – Then some major holiday the week after that.
I note that http://byzantiumshores.blogspot.com/2012/12/best-of-2012.html Jaquandor does a great job in his year in review. I could put together such an extensive retrospective list – what movies I saw, which books I read. I have a difficult time spending a long time looking back in a strict annual way.

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