When I hear “Chick Flicks,” I think of KFC cinema

I saw six out of ten, and found something worthwhile in five of them.

I’m not fond of the term “chick flicks,” but a couple of months ago, SamuraiFrog stole someone’s list called The Ten Chick Flick Guys Love But Refuse to Admit Watching. I haven’t done a list for a while, and it’s been a busy time. Like Frog, I don’t deny liking what I like, even if it’s not “cool” to enjoy certain things in popular culture.

Here’s the list with my comments:

Mean Girls
This is a “chick flick”? I saw it in the cinema and found this Tina Fey-penned film to be painfully true, and probably could watch again. I think I feel bad about Lindsay Lohan’s personal downfall in a way I don’t feel about, say, some reality star’s excesses, because Lohan showed real talent here, in Freaky Friday and even in The Parent Trap. She was also good in a limited role in A Prairie Home Companion after her troubles had begun.

The Proposal
Didn’t see it. Wanted to, actually, and maybe I’ll rent it. I like the notion of the power imbalance between the characters played by Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and I hear Betty White’s a hoot.

The Notebook
Never saw it. My initial inclination was that I didn’t have any real desire to do so. However, Jaquandor, who also did this list, seemed fond of it. Hmm.

Bridget Jones’ Diary
I liked this movie quite a bit in the cinema, though not enough to see it again. Loathed its sequel; the IMBD says there’s Bridget Jones’ Baby in production, which I probably WON’T see. I saw a lot of Renee Zellweger films for a while, then nothing until 2009’s My One and Only.

I described it here as a kitchen sink movie, with SOMETHING to appeal to everyone. If you didn’t care for the love story, and I didn’t very much, you could appreciate the scale of the disaster or the portrayal of class differences. Both Frog and Jaquandor complained that bashing Titanic has been poseur style rubbish.

Sweet Home Alabama
I did see it in the movie in the cinema. It has left zero lasting impression on me, which is not a good sign.

Never Been Kissed
Didn’t see it. Was vaguely interested in catching it because of the baseball angle, and if I happen to be watching TV and it happens to be on, maybe I’ll see it someday.

Legally Blonde
I liked this movie, which I saw in the theater, more than I expected to. Have caught a few scenes on TV subsequently, and it seems to hold up.

Love Actually
I liked most of this movie, but I loved the end, with God Only Knows playing. Haven’t seen this since I first viewed it in the cinema, and probably should rewatch it.

13 Going On 30
I actually planned to see this in the cinema and just didn’t. Frog’s endorsement makes me want to rent it. I’m a big Mark Ruffalo fan.

So I saw six out of ten and found something worthwhile in five of them.

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