The dinner guide to white privilege

They show up to try and calm him down and offer their help (rather than barking orders, screaming threats, and beating him up,)

good-foodI had recently suggested that, because of the new Jim Crow, it is good when white people point out white privilege. But I realized that this was an unfair request since some folk need a nutritionally balanced meal to help in defining and explaining it.

As an appetizer, start with this delectable cartoon.

A most unusual but satisfying salad: What riding my bike has taught me about white privilege. As someone who rides a bike, it’d doubly meaningful for me.

Sample a medley of vegetables in 5 Lessons to Remember as Ferguson Fades into History.

How about a side dish of Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person.

For a palate cleanser, try The Economist Admits Slavery Was Pretty ‘Evil’ After All. Almost comic in its tone-deafness.

Here’s the main course: The Daily Show’s Race/Off segments. The heart is at the end of the ten-minute segment when Jon Stewart said that if you’re tired of hearing about racism, imagine living with it.

Then this most unexpected dessert: SamuraiFrog’s reviews of old Marvel comic books, of all things. In his take on Journey Into Mystery #101, he writes:

[Thor’s] so enraged that he’s throwing the Asgardian version of a fit.

It’s so bad that his fellow Avengers–Iron Man, Giant-Man and Wasp–show up to try and calm him down and offer their help (rather than barking orders, screaming threats, and beating him up, which is what they would have done had it been the Hulk, just saying).

Right there, a simple, unambiguous description of white privilege.

Wash it all down with a video can of diet racism.

A scrumptious meal.

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  1. Being white is not always a previlege, for we were discriminated against in WWII because we were white and Dutch. and we had to work in the field with spades.
    Wil, ABCW Team

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