Weather or not, I write about it

10390445There are a couple of reasons I don’t write much about the weather:
1) it’s so ephemeral
2) if I complain now, there’s the fear the next time could be worse

Still, the weather last week, for whatever reason, beat me down. It wasn’t 70 inches of snow. In fact, in the city of Albany proper, it wasn’t much snow at all, though some of the outlying areas got more than a foot.

That was the problem, really. The meteorologists, even 36 hours out, were candidly unsure of the forecast. The Winter Weather Advisory suggested 1-3 inches of snow, plus sleet and freezing rain.

Tuesday morning: looks dry. I walk out to go to work and realize that walking is treacherous. As bad as it is on the sidewalks, though, it was far worse on the roads. Crossing the streets was hazardous, not just from the fear of falling, but from the very real fear that some car would run me over since they don’t slow down in recognition of the road conditions.

I take two buses to work each morning. Bus number 1 was 5 minutes late, arriving at the transfer point just after when bus #2 should have been arriving.

I’d never seen anything quite like this: all of the traffic at Washington and Lark heading east on Central Avenue and Washington Avenue and north on Lark were backed up a couple of blocks. I heard dozens of car horns beeping, as though that was going to do any good.

The bottom line is that the second bus I took was over a half-hour late, and I ended up 45 minutes late for work.

By Tuesday evening, it had changed to white rain, or the wettest snow I can remember. I got home to try to shovel it, but the water content made it almost impossible. What I needed was not a shovel a Wet Vac, something to suck up the water. A local friend wrote on Facebook: “The Russian word for SNOW is СНЕГ (SNYEK). But many years ago, my dear friend… coined a new word: SNYUCK. That’s half snow and half yuck (ice, rain, sludge, etc.) – and that’s what’s happening outside in Albany, NY. It’s snyucking out!”

Wednesday morning, there were a number of school closings. Not Albany, and not the rural school district the Wife had to work in. By mid-morning, a blast of snow came into the area. I check the notices and while the outlining districts had closed early or canceled after-school activities, Albany merely noted a suggestion to run to pick up pone’s children early.

Still, I called The Wife to pick up the Daughter early, and a good thing too, because her 40-minute trip took an hour. While she was en route, I received a call from the after-care at 3:30, saying they were NOW closing at 4:30.

I went out to catch my bus, only to discover people waiting over an hour for the PREVIOUS bus. I took the westbound bus to Everett Road, deciding to walk home when I saw no connecting bus; this was a TERRIBLE idea. There were no shoveled sidewalks on Everett Road, which is an exit for Interstate 90. I’m walking part of the time in the street, in the dark, wearing a black coat; not recommended.

Thursday morning, Albany was the LAST of the schools to call for a two-hour delay. Surrounding school districts either had declared one 45 minutes or earlier, or had closed. Fortunately, the Wife’s school was also delayed.

I was grateful when The Wife offered me a ride home Thursday night.

So it was oddly enervating.

Picture, taken Wednesday, December 10, used by permission.

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