Fans of doowop: ABC Wednesday, Round 16, is coming!

ABCWed16Seven and a half years ago, the redoubtable Denise Nesbitt from across the pond in England created a meme called ABC Wednesday. People, literally from around the world, post an item – pictures, poems, essays – that in some way describe each letter of the alphabet, in turn. I’ve been participating since the letter K in Round 5, my Keating Five post, which a bit more political than the usual fare.

Denise recruited a team of her followers to do some of the intro writing and visiting, which eventually included me because doing it all was too exhausting. Two and a half years ago- she ceded the role of administrator to me. This means that I assign who reads which posts, making sure somebody is writing the introductions (and writing them myself, when necessary) and inserting the link that allows everyone to participate. The team is pretty good at noting when someone grossly violates the simple rules.

Read about the significance of this round’s logo by Troy, which, of course, mentions the Crests. He’s designed the logos for the last eleven rounds if memory serves.

The Netiquette for the site is this:

1. Post something on your non-commercial blog/webpage having something to do with the letter of the week. Use your imagination. Put a link to ABC Wednesday in your post and/or put up the logo.

2. Come to the ABC Wednesday site and link the SPECIFIC link to the Linky thing. It’ll be available around 4 p.m., Greenwich Mean Time each Tuesday, which is 11 a.m. or noon in the Eastern part of the United States.

3. Try and visit at least 5 other participants… and comment on their posts. The more sites you do visit, the more comments you will probably get.

SamuraiFrog has been participating in the last two rounds. The first time through, he wrote about his feelings, and the last time around, he wrote about amazing, often obscure, facts about the Muppets, which are great, especially the pre-Sesame Street material covering Washington, DC local TV, and long-ago ad campaigns; recommended.

Two rounds back, I did a series of pop and rock band that had family members (Andrews Sisters, Beach Boys, Carpenters, Heart, et al.), but the last time through, I had random topics – 70th birthdays, obscure words, and whatever else came to mind. Arthur@AmeriNZ has participated in the past, and I’m betting Dustbury would be REALLY good at it because he’s such a prolific blogger; no pressure, though, Chaz.

As always, I am looking for a few good people, not only to participate, but to visit other people each week, and/or to write the occasional intro. Here’s a recent example of an intro by me, appropriately R for rambling.

Bloggers, consider giving ABC Wednesday a try, if this sounds interesting. We’ll be starting with A again in a couple of weeks. Write to me a rogerogreen (AT) gmail (DOT) comfor more details.

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