Christmas spirit

rog.leg.SantaIt seems that every year, I work harder to get that Christmas spirit, whatever that means. I actively ignored Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and whatever that abomination is that has people shopping on Thanksgiving day.

BTW, had to correct someone about the origins of the term Black Friday; no, it doesn’t have anything to do with slavery.

Maybe taking some Christmas quizzes online will help. Christmas carol quiz: Can you name the song from just one line? Well, of course I got 15/15; I’m a choir person.

Which holiday movie am I? Elf? I have never even seen it!

Speaking of movies never seen, I guess I’ll not be watching Saving Christmas with Kirk Cameron any time soon.

If you’re going to be visiting a bunch of relatives during the holidays (may I say “the holidays”?), this could be useful: Second Cousins Once Removed Explained. It’s easier once you find the common ancestor.

Here are some more Christmas links:

Kristen Bell and Straight No Chaser’s ‘Text Me Merry Christmas’.

Opossum Carols, or Walt Kelly’s Xmas Postludicrosity.

Siren’s Crush, featuring Rebecca Jade (#1 niece) singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Silent Night.

Why the spike in the cost of six geese-a-laying?

I tried to create a link to capture all of SamuraiFrog’s posts of the season, but it missed this Kristen and Dax piece.

I do believe I’ve gotten all of Jaquandor’s seasonal posts.

From the Renaissance Geek: Louisville Underground.

Santastic No. 9 video mashups from, including a Beatles one.

Ugly Holiday Sweaters & Suits.

My favorite contemporary (and by that, I mean post-1950) pop Christmas song may be Stevie Wonder – What Christmas Means To Me. But I’m still terribly moved by Julie Andrews – The Bells of Christmas from a Firestone (tire company) LP I still own.

Probably my favorite Christmas comedy routine is Steve Martin – 5 Christmas Wishes.

Oh, the picture: this is my sister Leslie and me, almost certainly at Fowler’s in downtown Binghamton, NY, a couple of years ago.

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