The dread disease of Ask Roger Anything

You folks have, made it necessary for me to reflect on some uncomfortable issues, and that is not a bad thing.

I no longer know where I got the idea of doing Ask Roger Anything. Maybe from Jaquandor, maybe someone else. Perhaps it was from one of those “How to make your blog interesting” articles, back before blogging, as I’ve read countless places, was declared dead.

I DO know that I’ve seen variations by Arthur and Gordon and Eddie and even the illustrious SamuraiFrog, and they claim they got the idea from me, which is probably true.

So I feel a certain obligation when they do their own variations of the game, and I always come up with one or two or five questions for them to respond to. And I try to plug their efforts.

It’s time for you all to Ask Roger Anything. I must say, it DOES work for me, when you participate. I end up answering questions that I simply would not have anticipated. You folks have, more than occasionally, made it necessary for me to reflect on some uncomfortable issues, and that is not a bad thing.

Per usual, you ask it, I answer it. I get to obfuscate, but not to lie outright. You can ask your questions here or my email – rogerogreen(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or my Facebook (Roger Green, the one with the duck) or Twitter (ersie, the one with the duck). I’ll use your name UNLESS you indicate that I ought not.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

5 thoughts on “The dread disease of Ask Roger Anything”

  1. What was your Favorite episode of MASH? Or Twilight Zone? Or Saturday Night Live? And what was your number one, favorite Movie of all Time? No lists pick one!

  2. Yes, Twilight Zone! Is it the Helen Foley episode, because you went to Binghamton?

    My question. Hmmmm… OK, which Republican candidate do you think will drop out next? Not the strongest question, but you know me, hee hee hee. Amy

  3. What will it take to get the Republican Party to start moving back to the real world? I look at their collective insanity right now as the 2016 election cycle is revving up, and I remember how I noted in 2012 that if Obama was reelected, THAT year’s Republican Crazy would look quaint compared to what was coming in four years. Now that this prediction is coming OH SO TRUE, I’m worried about what the Republican field will look like in 2020 if the Democratic nominee wins next year. Some people think that it will take another couple of electoral drubbings for the White House, but I’m thinking, as long as they keep winning at midterm time, that will be enough to keep them thinking that the Insane Approach is JUST THIS CLOSE to winning. (Sorry for the length of the question!)

    There was some controversy in Buffalo recently over tickets to an upcoming Paul McCartney concert — the tickets were WILDLY expensive and sold out almost instantly, leaving a lot of angry people. Do you have views on how live music takes place these days? Demand for Garth Brooks tickets earlier this year led to Brooks actually adding shows to his Buffalo stop — I think he did five total shows — and the Rolling Stones recently sold out Ralph Wilson Stadium. Any thoughts? (What’s with me and the long questions?)

    What’s your general take on Governor Cuomo, now that he’s into his second term? I can’t help feeling there’s something smarmy about the guy.

    Hiking in the woods: Yay or Nay? I’ve always liked hiking but I’ve REALLY taken a shine to it over the last year, now that I’ve got this four-legged-friend to hike with.

  4. Haha! Internet is finally working at my new house.

    – if you could have anything, what would it be? (We just did this as an icebreaker at my foster parent class. I’m curious if you’ll give the same answer I did)

    – what endearing trait of your wife did you notice in the first year that you still love about her?

    – do you consider yourself at all handy?

    – what did you consider the best thing about being a new homeowner?

    – if someone made you eat an insect, which insect would you pick to eat?

    – what character have you most identified with that you’ve encountered in the last year? It can be in a book, TV, or a movie

  5. – do you ever carry on elaborate imagined conversations with people? If you do, has Facebook changed these conversations, like picturing posting something and the imagining the responses?

    -if you could pick any writer living or dead to tell your story, who would it be?

    – what do you consider the most creative time in your life, when you were the best at imagining things?

    – what’s your take on right to die and why?

    – what simple device would improve your life that isn’t on the market?

    – what were your favorite meals when you were a kid?

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