Great American Smokeout 2016

I have no idea what kind of impact the anti-smoking The Truth campaign has.


Tomorrow is the Great American Smokeout 2016. i don’t know how successful it is, but I am in favor.

In the kiosks for the Capital District Transit Authority, where one waits for buses, there are very prominent signs directing people NOT to smoke in there.

Naturally, it’s right under those very signs that folks are MOST likely to light up, not unlike this picture. I’ve been tempted to take surreptitious photos of this phenomenon and post them online, but my concern for their privacy, alas, trumps doing that.

My hatred for cigarette smoke is well-documented. The Daughter, who has asthma, likewise hates it. I probably mentioned that I once lied and told someone I had asthma to prevent him from smoking in the early 1970s.

I walk down the path between my house and the next one – passing by a treasure trove of cigarette butts – and, long before I turn the corner, I can tell there are smokers on the front porch of the house on the neighbor to my right.

If I go out the front door, it’s usually the old man, standing on the sidewalk, puffing away, as far away from the house on the left, and therefore, as close to our house, as possible, and still be on the other side of the property line. We all can smell it, and occasionally, even in our house.

I also have no idea what kind of impact The Truth campaign has. But The Daughter pointed out these ads that she liked, so:

#FinishIT | Smoking Gap | truth

#Squadless | Peepaw | truth

#Squadless | Photoshop | truth

Truth Campaign Calls Out Celebrity Smokers

There are PLENTY more of these, geared to a demographic somewhat younger than I. If you smoke, quit, if not for your sake, then for mine.

Author: Roger

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3 thoughts on “Great American Smokeout 2016”

  1. I don’t know how much the Great American Smokeout helps people quit, but I do know that for ex-smokers like me it helps us stay quit. It reinforces that quitting is a positive thing.

    The “smoke exactly where you’re not supposed to” phenomenon is part of the psychological of smoking. Smokers often view themselves as renegades.

  2. I never have…I remember years ago, walking through Union Station in Chicago, on my way home for Thanksgiving, a young woman from the Great American Smokeout called out to me, “Do you want some advice on quitting smoking?”

    Surprised, I responded (truthfully): “I don’t smoke; I’ve never smoked.”

    I figured I’d be ignored, then, not being in the demographic they were working on, but she called back, “Great! Good for you!” which I admit, surprised me a little.

    I have asthma and greatly prefer to be away from it. I admit I worry slightly about what the increasing legalization/acceptance of recreational marijuana use will do to those preferring to avoid all smoke – I read that some bars in Colorado may start permitting its usage.

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