Whither? Zither! I still don’t care

It’s my general disdain for having to deal with the political process this early.

zitherAnother Ask Roger Anything reply! Bill, who I know because he’s a friend of my sister Leslie: OK, here’s my question: Whither?

There’s obviously a lot going on in my subconscious.

To which, Dan, who I know IRL, replied: Wither? Zither!

In a recent dream, I’m at some sort of conference, where the participants are sitting in a large circle. The instructor is riding me constantly for being so backwards. I’m using a tablet when everyone else is using their smartwatches.

I’m becoming increasingly irritated. After repeated snark, I storm out of the room.

For some reason, rioting ensues on the campus. I am sitting on a toilet, with people pounding on the door to get in; it is NOT the only stall.

Bernie Sanders walks into my stall. I get up and throw him down a flight of stairs.

This is obviously a dream about my technophobia. Plus it’s my general disdain for having to deal with the political process this early. It’s not so much antagonism towards Bernie, who I voted for in the 2016 Democratic primary.

To wit, Kevin, who I’ve known since college, asked: Who do you favor for the Dem. nomination for Pres at this point in the campaign?

As I noted here and especially here, I don’t care all that much, yet.

I AM grumpy about people saying that Joe or Bernie or Elizabeth – who appear to be the front runners, so far – should not run because they’re over 70, or will be soon.

This piece about Mayor Pete pleased me.

I don’t think my senator Kirsten Gillibrand has a shot. She was perceived as too “corporatist” early, and she got Al Franken booted out of the Senate. (The actual facts re: the latter are irrelevant to the narrative.)

Re: Beto, I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a there there.

I get more email from Jay Inslee, governor of Washington state, than any other candidate, almost entirely on environmental issues. It IS a way to differentiate himself.

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6 thoughts on “Whither? Zither! I still don’t care”

  1. I take after my birth family on technology….when Clinton talked about the the more modern bridge to this century, I always thought….hope my family finds the rope bridge to the 1900s soon…..only have a landline…tried a cell phone twice…only read books with pages….am as happy with a library computer as I am with a borrowing time on my housemate’s computer…don’t need to wear a watch…everybody has the time now…you are on to something important here, Friend…Thanks for not making me prove I am not a robot…

  2. Mayor Pete is distinctly short on cliche, which I appreciate. (If anyone cares, I voted for Sanders in the 2016 primary.)

  3. thinking about technophobia. Is there such a thing as half a technophobe? I like computers but I don’t get with cell phones why people think everybody should be available 24/7. seems strange to me. used to be people left a message and then you called back later. the concept of delayed gratification seems to have gone out the window.

  4. Kirsten Gillibrand may not have a chance, but she also may be the one candidate that gives Trump nightmares. Remember, she also had to deal with Trump making comments about how she would do anything to get a campaign donation, insinuating that Gillibrand might do “anything” and all that that implies.

  5. Nut Red State just today is going to make hay that KG is tied to NXIVM

    “Former NXIVM employee Frank Parlato provided Big League Politics with copies of the court documents in NXIVM’s suit against [Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik], which prove Rutnik’s employment by the group.”

    It goes on much more than I need to put here. But DJT loves dealing with other people’s reputed sleaze.

  6. I wish Gillibrand would include working on sex abuse involving minor military family dependents when she works on sex abuse in the military. But, she doesn’t even acknowledge mail about it. The smothering military structure is exactly the same. But, somehow, she and her staff will not help the under 18 military family members like they do the enlistees over 18….It’s an arbitrary distinction that leaves behind the weakest members of the military “Family.” I find that illogical and sad…..

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