Imitation title songs #6; IJKL, some M

Interpol, Robert Lamm, Marillion, Midnight Oil, Joni Mitchell, and Macca

MaccaThese are more imitation title songs. The album name appears as a lyric, but it’s not the title song. There is no actual title song, but these can be imitation title songs.

Great Southern Land – Icehouse. Album: Primitive Man. Lyrics: “You walk alone, like a primitive man.”

Don’t Need A Gun – Billy Idol. Album: Whiplash Smile. Lyrics:-“You can drive me through That red stop light With a whiplash smile.”

NYC – Interpol. Album: Turn on the Bright Lights. Lyrics: “It’s up to me now turn on the bright lights.”
Stay in Touch – Interpol. Album: Marauder. “Marauder chained of no real code.”

Still Life – Iron Maiden. Album: Piece Of Mind. Lyrics: “Nightmares, will give me peace of mind.”


Ted, Just Admit It – Jane’s Addiction. Album: Nothing’s Shocking. Lyrics: “Nothing’s shocking. Showed me everybody.”

Cantonese Boy – Japan. Album: Tin Drum. Lyrics: “Bang your tin drum.”

Dun Ringill – Jethro Tull. Album: Stormwatch. Lyrics: “And the stormwatch brews a concert of kings as the white sea snaps at the heels of a soft prayer whispered.”

Nikita – Elton John. Album: Ice On Fire. Lyrics: “With eyes that looked like ice on fire.”

The Little Pot Stove – Nic Jones. Album: Penguin Eggs. Lyrics: “Salt fish and whalemeat sausage, fresh penguin eggs a treat.”

Heartbeat – King Crimson. Album: Beat. Lyrics: “I need to feel your heartbeat.”

Celluloid Heroes – The Kinks. Album: Everybody’s In Show-biz? Lyrics: “And everybody’s in show biz, it doesn’t matter who you are.” I have this on vinyl.


I Could Tell You Secrets – Robert Lamm. Album: Subtlety and Passion. Lyrics: “Subtlety and Passion Have fallen out of fashion.”
The Love You Call Your Own – Robert Lamm. Albums: Too Many Voices and In My Head. Lyrics: “Too many voices in my head.”

When It All Comes True – Lanterns On The Lake. Album: Spook The Herd. Lyrics: “But don’t set me off On the blue lights That spooked the herd.”

Ready Teddy/Rip It Up – John Lennon. Album: Rock ‘n’ Roll. “Ready ready ready to Rock’n’roll.” I bought this LP on December 9, 1980.

Elusive Butterfly – Bob Lind. Album: Don’t Be Concerned. Lyrics: “Don’t be concerned, it will not harm you.” I own this on vinyl.

In Inverna Garden – The Lilac Time. Album: Astronauts. Lyrics: “Lamplight shining through the years Like astronauts romantic.”

River of Fools – Los Lobos. Album: By The Light Of The Moon. Lyrics: “Tear streaked faces by the light of the moon.”

No More I Love You’s – The Lover Speaks. Album: The Lover Speaks. Lyrics: “The lover speaks about the monsters.”


Pop Muzik – M. Album: New York, London, Paris, Munich.

Pseudo-silk Kimono – Marillion. Album: Misplaced Childhood. Lyrics: “The spirit of a misplaced childhood is rising to speak his mind.”
The Last Straw  – Marillion. Album: Clutching at Straws. Lyrics: “We’re clutchin’ at straws.”

Slave Driver – Bob Marley. Album: Catch A Fire. Lyrics: “Slave driver, the table is turn (Catch a fire)”, and throughout.

Gin and Listerine – Martha. Album: Courting Strong. Lyrics: “We were whispering, ‘Pity Me forever’, we were courting strong.”

That Day Is Done – Paul McCartney. Album: Flowers in the Dirt. Lyrics: “She Sprinkles Flowers In The Dirt.”
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter  – Paul McCartney. Album: Kisses On the Bottom. Lyrics: “A lot of kisses on the bottom, I’ll be glad I got ’em.”
Fine Line, and Promise to You Girl – Paul McCartney. Album: Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Lyrics: “There is a long way between chaos and creation” and “Looking through the backyard of my life”, respectively. I have all three of these Macca albums.


Hercules – Mercury Rev. Album: All Is Dream. Lyrics: “All is mind, all is lost and you find All is dream.”

Who Says? – Mesh. Album: A Perfect Solution. Lyrics: “It might be the perfect solution.”

My Apocalypse – Metallica. Album: Death Magnetic. Lyrics: Death magnetic Pulling closer still.”

And – Microdisney. Album: The Clock Comes Down the Stairs. Lyrics: “You are just there to clear the air ‘til the clock comes down the stairs.”

Brave Faces – Midnight Oil. Album: Place Without a Postcard. Lyrics: “he sand dunes I imagine A place without a postcard.”
Warakurna – Midnight Oil. Album: Diesel and Dust. Lyrics: “Diesel and dust is what we breathe.”

The Beat of Black Wings – Joni Mitchell. Album: Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm. Lyrics: “I’m just a chalk mark in a rainstorm.”
Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell. Album: Clouds. Lyrics: “And feather canyons everywhere Looked at clouds that way.” et al.

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