COVID is not dead yet

Strangulation for wearing a mask?

COVID is not dead yet. My daughter returned to college this month, and one of her suitemates came down with COVID-19.

My wife and I went to a performance at Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, NY, on Wednesday, September 13. We had been there a couple of weeks earlier, but on this day, the signage indicated that we should wear masks for this performance. We soon learned why.

They had someone on sound who had never done sound. The music director had to stand for one of the singers 48 hours before the program. The guitarist came in that day. All of this took place because the people they replaced had COVID. (A review of the show itself is forthcoming.)

As I’ve noted, I got COVID in August 2022, and I received my last COVID-19 shot in December 2022. I will get the new shot recently approved by the FDA. U.S. hospitalization rates for COVID are generally highest for people ages 75 and up, followed by infants under six months and adults ages 65 to 74; I’m in the latter group.

A person’s risk of progression to severe COVID-19 increases with the number of underlying medical conditions. Mine are:
65 years or older
Overweight or obese
A heart condition

Here’s some info from Johns Hopkins about the XBB.1.5 variant vaccine this fall. What you do for yourself is what you do. There are no mandates.

But please don’t be a schmuck about other people getting the shot, wearing a mask, etc.
“Former actor Will Keenan said he was left potentially blind in one eye after being attacked for wearing a face mask, leaving him with a detached retina.”

At-home tests

Why are my at-home COVID-19 tests no longer covered if my insurance has not changed?

From CVS: “The Federal Government announced that the public health emergency addressing COVID-19, (PHE) ended May 11, 2023. As a result, individual insurers and their clients can now make coverage decisions based on what’s best for their individual plan designs. Customers and patients should check with their insurer for information about current coverage to determine eligibility for at-home tests.”

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