Lydster: home for the summer

jury duty?

The Daughter came home for the summer on Saturday, May 4. She’d gotten most of her schoolwork done, and whatever she needed to finish, she could complete online.

She also applied for several jobs in our area. The job she had in the summer of 2023 was with rue21, a “fast-fashion retailer” in one of the malls. The chain is shutting down nationwide.

Unfortunately, she ran out of time to finish her packing. It wasn’t the first time I’ve helped someone move and ended up sticking stuff in boxes as well.

She had decided that she wanted to rent a space in a local U-Haul to store some of the stuff to use at college in the autumn. Her mother and I are of the same mind about this. 1) Is this REALLY necessary? 2) She made the arrangements all herself, and we see this as a good learning experience.

But it DID add to the time, especially since there was but one overworked clerk at the rental space.

We put the items in storage, headed back to a very crowded downtown Amherst and had pizza with one of the daughter’s fellow art students, which was nice. Back to the college, but it was clear that the three of us were running out of gas.

Back at home, the Daughter spent some hours cleaning her room to make room for the additional items, aided by her favorite father. She also helped her mother with various projects, many of them work-related.

The three of us went back the dorm on the afternoon of Friday, May 17. The rest of the work was not as onerous as we all had recalled. She dropped off items at the U-Haul, but this time we were closer to home.


In September 2023, the Daughter got a jury summons. I got it postponed for her. Then she was scheduled to report for jury duty on May 29, 2024.  But when she called the weekend before, she was informed that NONE of the 240 people in that pool had to report. Not only that, she won’t be in the jury pool for six years.

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  1. I know you are thrilled to have her home for the summer! Enjoy every moment.

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