Weird. There have been lots of famous or semi-famous people who’ve died recently that have been in some way significant to me. In addition to the ones I’ve mentioned, there was Dick Martin, who not only hosted Laugh In but directed a number of fine shows, notahbly the Bob Newhart Show. then there was the guy who wrote the Star Trk theme, Alexander Courage.

Then yesterday, Bo Diddley with that rectangular guitar;

Even if you didn’t know the musician, maybe you remember this commercial:

Also dying yesterday, Yves St. Laurent, who was paired in an ABC News story yesterday. Fashion just isn’t my thing, but even I surely knew the name.

But the recent death that touched me most was not famous at all. it was the death
of Kathina Thomas
, a 10-year-old girl killed by a stray bullet not two miles from my house. It made me sad and angry and a tad bit nervous. My condolences to the family.


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