Checking the Checking Account QUESTIONS

Do YOU check your bank balance online, and if so, how often?

There was this column in the local paper a few weeks ago about a fitness club that kept debiting someone’s checking account after the person had canceled the service. Terrible, awful, etc.

Then another columnist picked up the story, noting: “As someone who logs on to my bank account about once every week-and-a-half and who makes sure every charge on her credit card statement has a matching receipt, I can’t fathom how an adult would allow this to happen.” And the subsequent commentators also had fun at the victim’s expense, how she should have noticed the $20/month over a THREE YEAR PERIOD. And that’s true, of course.

But in attacking the victim, more than a few of them showed their own idiosyncrasies:
“I check my account multiple times a day and if my checkbook is off even .01 i have to find it.”
“I check my account Every.Single.Day. Even multiple times a day. I even have checkbook register app on my phone. If it doesn’t “add up”, I freak out.”

Since I’ve gotten access to online banking, I tend to check my primary checking account once, maybe twice a week, but never as frequently as daily. Seems checking multiple times a day is a sign of ADHD or at least obsession.

Do YOU check your bank balance online, and if so, how often? Do you balance your checkbook to the penny? I haven’t for years; both my wife and I tend to round the check amount up. For her, it’s a source of secret money; for me, it covers up some automatic withdrawal that I had forgotten that I had set up.

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