Sunday Stealing: Either/or



Another Sunday Stealing involving either/or.

Would you rather…
1. Live on a boat or in a treehouse?
I suppose it would depend on the size of the boat. If it were a kayak, then no. On the other hand, is there a ladder to get to the treehouse? How big is it? I need more details.

2. No computer use for a year or no sweets for a year?
I write a blog every day, so this is easy. Also, my preference for sweets has diminished with age.

3. Have $2,000 right now or be given $100 every month for the rest of your life?
Now this is a good actuarial question. It also determines the future inflation rate and the money’s value in 20 months. I’ll take the $100/month, but it’s a close call.

4. Be an astronaut or an athlete?
Will I have knee surgery first? Instinctively, I’d pick being the athlete in baseball, volleyball, or a racket sport. I was watching a piece of an interview with Peggy Whitson, who has spent over a year and a half in space; I know that, as much as I would enjoy it initially, the confinement would eventually make me bonkers.

5. Have 50 good friends or only one best friend?
Fifty good friends. I’ve long discovered that you can tell various people different things. Also, people get busy, so having others to share with makes sense.
Am I Blue?
6. Have bright blue teeth or bright blue hair?
Bright blue hair, assuming I had hair. I had an English teacher in eighth grade named Gertrude Kane. I can’t remember if her hair was blue or purple.

7. Have the power of flight or the power of invisibility?
It’s always been flight. I’ve dreamed about it within the past month.

8. Have a fun friend who is snarky or a boring friend who is kind?
Snarky gets old and exhausting pretty fast. Kind and boring.

9. Be incredibly rich but without love, or be poor but have a happy marriage?
Poor and happy. Easy call.

10. Have a freezing cold shower every day or a pleasant hot shower once a week?
Americans shower too often. Shower once a week and wash up at the sink in the interim.

11. Be an only child or have many siblings?
I have two sisters, which is fine. We’ve discovered in the past decade that we’ve learned so much as we’ve compared notes about our growing up. If I had the parents I had, I’d want siblings. If I had different parents, who knows?

12. Quit video games forever or live in a desert for a month?
I could easily give up video games, though there was a period in the late 1980s when I was somewhat obsessed with Ms. Pac-Man.

13. Go on a one-week trip to a foreign country of your choice or a month-long trip in your own country?
This is surprisingly easy. I spent a week in a foreign country – France – his year, which was WAY too short. A month-long trip in the US would probably involve going to various Major League Baseball stadiums, traveling by train if possible. I’ve only been to 30 states.

14. Celebrate your birthday every day or go on your favorite holiday once a year?
I already celebrate my birthday every day.

15. If fish could talk, what would you ask them?
What is your opinion about global warming?
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