Two interviews, one accessible

Chuck Miller

Roger.cartoonStories of two interviews.

Back on October 5, 2009, I was interviewed by Barbara Weltman for Build Your Business Radio, “Don’t mind telling you that I was mildly terrified,” I later wrote in my work blog.

“Through a series of connections, involving the website, a woman named Barbara Weltman became aware of me and my connection with the NYS Small Business Development. Her producer, Gloria Luzier, e-mailed me and asked if I would appear on Barbara’s radio show…

“I provided a few questions that she might ask me, about the SBDC, the State Data Center, and blogs. I got a call about 4:20 pm to make sure I was actually at the appointed place, then again at 4:27. I never talked to Barbara herself before or after the show, but I was in contact with other friendly and helpful people, including Wade Taylor, wsRadio, Operations Officer, and Assistant Program Director.

The next day, Gloria Luzier, Barbara’s producer, wrote me. “Thank you so much for participating in our Build Your Business Radio Show yesterday. We enjoyed the interview and believe our listeners benefited from the expertise you shared.”

I thought I’d give a listen. Unfortunately, the URL is dead. I used the Wayback Machine, but that didn’t help get to the recording. As my high school prom theme noted, All Things Must Pass.

It’s Miller Time

Chuck Miller is a fellow Capital District blogger. I met him during our Times Union blogging days, about which I wrote here. Both on his TU blog and his personal outlet, he’s been a cheerleader for the local blogosphere.

Recently, he’s begun interviewing said bloggers, recording them on the ubiquitous Zoom, and posting them to his blog on Saturdays. On March 27, he posted an interview with yours truly that we did a couple of weeks earlier. I guess it went OK. I’m still not in love with the sound of my voice, and a couple of questions I could have probably answered better.

Mon Dieu, he’s so self-critical. Please tell him to stop that.

What he said.

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