The blog in Mid-September

I added a couple links: Johnny Bacardi (belatedly) and Tegan’s Bloggity-Blog-Blog, both in the Comic Book section of this here electronic communicator.

And I also, reluctantly, added the word verification feature to the comments part of the page. I started to believe all the nice things those spam bloggers were saying about the blog. What I discovered almost immediately is that my per day “hit” average went down by 5, but I’m OK with that.

3 TV ?s

In honor of the Emmys this weekend, I decided some time ago on the topic of television. Then Lefty beat me to it, but I’m going to use it any. Of course, I’ll ask some different stuff:

1. What show that went off the air in the past year will you miss the most? (The fact that it may now be in syndication or on DVD notwithstanding.)

2. What show did you use to like but keep watching out of habit, or in the vain hope that it’ll get better?

3. What is your favorite show from your childhood (or now) that you would be embarrassed to acknowledge? (No one will see it here, so feel free to unburden yourself to ol’ Ramblin’.)

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