Ramblin’ Labor

Busy week. Not as productive on the blog as I would have liked. Got only one CD review done this week, e.g.

Certainly, our hearts go out to those affected by Katrina. So, is it sacrilege to suggest that living below sea level isn’t exactly a great idea? See what Greg Burgas thinks. More pointedly, read this National Geographic article posted by Socks in Box on September 2.

Bush: Vacation Ruined By ‘Stupid Dead Soldier’. From “The Onion,” natch.

Since you were planning on filing for bankruptcy anyway, now seems like a good time.

You haven’t heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Clearly, knowledge of Him must be taught in our schools. If you and if you want to see Him for yourself…

When the child doesn’t sleep, I have weird dreams: in a sea of black suits, charcoal gray suits, navy blue suits, and dark brown suits, Fred Hembeck is named as head of the FBI. Not the real Fred, cartoon Fred. And he’s wearing a robin’s egg blue tux.

My best to those affected by war, floods, illness (including Steve Gerber and his pneumonia), and all sorts of pain, physical and emotional. Especially that bestest couple who I’ve never met; I think they know who I mean.

Mixed Bag CD Blog-Johnny B.

NAME: David Allen Jones a/k/a Johnny Bacardi
BLOG NAME: The Johnny Bacardi Show
NAME OF CD: Different Stuff for Different People, Volume 4

Stylish yet decadent. Made me want to drink a Psychic Martini, and I don’t even LIKE martinis. One of my two favorite covers. It’s even better in a size you can read it.
SONG LIST: His live journal of June 20
GENERAL THOUGHTS: A wonderfully eclectic mix, elegantly presented. Unfamiliar songs by familiar artists (Beach Boys, Kinks), familiar songs by different artists (Tomorrow, Morning Glory), artists I forgot I had in the collection (Dax, Wood, Cibo Matto). A very satisfying experience.
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: Sobule-instrumental backing based on Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park”! Blodwyn Pig, Dax; Wood-“something to make my hair grow long” (too late for THAT); Alex Harvey; Cibo Matto, Price (campy); Buckley (I love the song, which I’ve heard by others, and I love the voice); Zevon (anytime);
ON THE OTHER HAND: I like Lou Reed, I do, but 11 minutes of that vibe was a little sleep inducing. I also wonder about the 9 ½ minute Grand Funk track; I know the live cut so well (see below) that it wasn’t a problem for ME, but COULD be for other listeners; I prefer the live cut, BTW.
OFFICE FRIENDLY: As far as I could tell.
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: My sister Leslie had a boyfriend named George in high school who thought of himself as a black militant. He thought of ME as one of those hippie types. For Christmas or my birthday, he bought me “Live Funk” from Grand Funk Railroad, a group I was barely aware of at the time. I think he thought it fit my demographic. It featured a LONG version of “Inside Looking Out.”

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