Mixed Bag CD Blog-Greg

Don’t worry, Mary, these are almost over.

NAME: Greg Burgas
BLOG NAME: Delenda Est Carthago
NAME OF CD: At Last! At Last! My Forever Came Today!
1. I Look Funny (talk)
2. Monday A.M. First Thing-Think Tree
3. Pass It Along-Chumbawamba
4. Paper Doll-P.M. Dawn
5. Closed session (talk)
6. Therapy-Infectious Grooves
7. Donde Estas, Yolanda?-Pink Martini
8. Junkie-James
9. In the Jailhouse Now-the Soggy Bottom Boys
10. K Street-Fastbacks
11. Down to the River to Pray-Alison Krauss
12. The Last Mile-Cinderella
13. Excursions-A Tribe Called Qwest
14. Turn Your Head (talk)
15. Ugly in the Morning-Faith No More
16. No Man’s Woman-Sinead O’Connor
17. Reservation Blues-Jim Boyd
18. Ocean Size-Jane’s Addiction
19. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)-They Might Be Giants
20. Forever Came Today-Supremes
21. Just Like Fred Astaire-James
22. Last Call-the Popes
23. Crown of Thorns-Mother Love Bone
24. Thanx But No Thanx (talk)
GENERAL THOUGHTS: See my review. I suggested that Greg got his CD out so early because he was anticipating the birth of his second child. He corrected me and indicated that he had a bunch of songs lying around from the previous mix. MY version made him look MUCH better.
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: See my review. But it does play even better the fourth time through.
ON THE OTHER HAND: More than the songs I mentioned in my review, the dialogue breaks the flow.
OFFICE FRIENDLY: As far as I can tell. Some of the lyrics are so garbled – the word “ugly” in the title of #15 sounded like a curse, but it was just his pronunciation.
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: The Jackson 5 did a cover of the title track; Diana, Mary and Cindy do it so much better.

Mixed Bag CD Blog-Nat

NAME: Nat Pike
BLOG NAME: Nat Pike’s Wired For Sound
NAME OF CD: We Don’t Need No Stinking Lyrics
RUNNING TIME: 50:23 (only the second disc shorter than mine)
COVER ART: Nicely typed
SONG LIST: His post of June 10
GENERAL THOUGHTS: I think the instrumental compilation is the trickiest. In songs with lyrics, you have another aspect that might grab you. But these are all or nothing. Not that there aren’t vocals on here – you’ll find whistling, vocoder, ahs. This is a very diverse set, and I enjoyed much of it.
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: the accordion in Madagascar; whistling and banjo in Air; Dan K guitar and running bass; Wall of Voodoo; and especially, the jazz banjo feel of the Spidey theme. A suitable ending. Too bad ELP song was co-opted by Beef, because it’s a great piece of American music.
ON THE OTHER HAND: There were periods when it became background music. Pleasant background music; it wasn’t an individual cut, but the flow. Sticking Wadsworth or Van Halen, or indeed anything from cuts 8-14 within cuts 4-7 might have changed it up a little sonically.
OFFICE FRIENDLY: Well, no dirty words.
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: I’ve been told that the Tomita piece is the theme to the show Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer, a very brief (5 minute), very quirky show that airs on our PBS station just before sign off.
Geologically, Madagascar could be defined as a continent.

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