Fave rave tunes

I stole this from Tosy, who stole it from someone named Jaquandor. I got into a holiday mode, so subsequently at least three others have done it. Ah, well.

“My favorite songs by these artists (I’ve left blanks for artists I know pretty much nothing of).”

Favorite Beatles song: “Drive My Car” – An extraordinary chord progression.

Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Macca, from that very first solo album.

Favorite Bob Dylan song: You mean today? “Like a Rolling Stone.”

Favorite Pixies song: I’ll have to pull out my Doolittle album sometime.

Favorite Prince song: “I Would Die for You/Baby I’m a Star” – they’re segued, so I cheated. If I can’t cheat, “Delirious”.

Favorite Michael Jackson song: “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” – like the groove.

Favorite Metallica song: “One” – Tosy’s choice.

Favorite Public Enemy song: “Welcome to the Terrordome” – I’ve used it on a mixed CD.

Favorite Depeche Mode song: “Route 66/Behind the Wheel” – I have a remix of this on one of those Just Say Yes compilations that Sire Records put out a dozen years ago or so

Favorite Cure song: “Hot! Hot Hot!” – the remix

Favorite song that most of your friends haven’t heard: “Cellar Door” by Laura Cantrell on Hello Records, countryish tune.

Favorite Beastie Boys song: ? (I mean, I could say “Fight for Your Right”, but that would be too easy)

Favorite Police song: “Roxanne”, a song of redemption.
Tosy likes “Synchronicity II”, which does have one of my favorite lyrics ever, about the evil boss I used to have, and who I mentioned yesterday: “Every single meeting with his so-called superior is a humiliating kick in the crotch.”

Favorite Sex Pistols song: ? Don’t really know except “Anarchy in the U.K.” and a live “U.S.A.” variation

Favorite song from a movie: “Ma ‘Til Fille” by Buckwheat Zydeco. A six-minute groove. (But I agree with Tosy that “Philadelphia” is “Neil Young’s so-superior-to-the-Springsteen-Oscar-winner contribution.” I think Bruce might even agree, if I discerned the subtext of his acceptance speech correctly.)

Favorite Blondie song: “Tide is High”, for the fun of the vocals in the last verse

Favorite Genesis song: “The Lamb Dies Down on Broadway”- Tosy’s choice. A Q-104 song.

Favorite Led Zeppelin song: “How Many More Times” from the first album. The album said this song was 3:30, when it was more like 8:30. The day I heard the first LZ deserves its own post. Maybe in 2009, for the fortieth anniversary (or sooner).

Favorite INXS song: “Never Tear Us Apart” – again, Tosy’s choice.

Favorite Weird Al song: “I Lost on JEOPARDY!” -it’s the Don Pardo middle section.

Favorite Pink Floyd song: “Another Brick in the Wall” – when I worked at FantaCo, Mark McGovern came up with new lyrics: “We don’t need sex education, we don’t need no birth control.” It gets worse.

Favorite cover song: Way too tough a question. The answer is NOT anything done by Pat Boone. I could give you an album’s worth of Beatle covers alone. “Hurt” – John R. Cash’s cover of NIN. When I saw the video again after Johnny died, I wept.

Favorite dance song: Without looking something up, “Dancing Machine” by the Jackson 5.

Favorite U2 song: “When Love Comes to Town”, with B.B. King.

Favorite disco song: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

Favorite The Who song: “My Generation” – even though some of them got old before they died.

Favorite Elton John song: It varies so. “Burn Down the Mission” today.

Favorite Clash song: “Police on My Back”- screaming siren guitar line.

Favorite David Bowie song: “Panic in Detroit” -“sounds a lot like Che Guevara” song.

Favorite Nirvana song: “In Bloom”.

Favorite Snoop Dogg song: ?

Favorite Ice Cube song: ?

Favorite Johnny Cash song: “The Mercy Seat”, from the third American album. The piano by Benmont Tench, I believe. (And if it’s not, I’m sure SOMEONE will tell me.)

Favorite R.E.M. song: “Drive”, don’t know why.

Favorite Elvis song: “Little Sister”, the first one I heard, I believe.

Favorite cheesy-ass country song: ?

Favorite Billy Joel song: “Lullabye”, for his daughter

Favorite Bruce Springsteen song: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

Favorite Big Audio Dynamite song: ? I have the BAD II album The Globe; I’ll have listen again

Favorite New Order song: ? I have some early vinyl I’ll need to pull out.

Favorite Neil Diamond song: “Thank the Lord for the Nightime”

Favorite Squeeze song: “Tempted”

Favorite Smiths song: ?

Favorite Tragically Hip Song: ? One album I play every July 1, Canada Day

Tosy added:

Favorite Beach Boys song: “God Only Knows”, Tosy’s choice

Favorite Dave Matthews Band song” ?

Favorite Dire Straits song: “Industrial Disease” – “two men say they’re Jesus”

Favorite Elvis Costello song: “What’s So Funny? (About Peace, Love, and Understanding)” -Tosy’s choice. I also hear this song as an a cappella doo wop. Yes, really.

Favorite Guns ‘N Roses song: “Civil War”, if only for the Cool Hand Luke dialogue.

Favorite Jimi Hendrix song: “Voodoo Chile Blues”- anyone chastising Hendrix for doing that rock and/or roll didn’t hear this or “Red House”

Favorite John Mellencamp song: “Jack and Diane” – my wife’s cousin’s named Diane and she married a guy named Jack.

Favorite Living Colour song: “Information Overload” – the bane of a librarian’s life.

Favorite Neil Young song: “Harvest Moon” or “When You Dance”, both about lost loves.

Favorite Paul Simon song: Oh, so many. “Boy in the Bubble” – there is a 12″ version that’s never appeared on a CD, as far as I can tell.

Favorite Simon & Garfunkel song: “The Boxer”. I know this song by heart, except for the verse Paul added later on a live show, which doesn’t enhance the song, so I never learned it.

Favorite Queen song: “Another One Bites the Dust”

Favorite Radiohead song: ?

Favorite Sting song: “I Hung My Head”, though John R. Cash’s version is better.

Favorite Tracy Chapman song: “Fast Car”

Favorite Van Morrison song: “Wild Night”

Favorite XTC song: “Generals and Majors” -loopy


Favorite Allman Brothers song: “Elizabeth Reed”

Favorite Grateful Dead song: “Friend of the Devil”

Favorite Green Day song: “American Idiot” (Lefty’s choice); thanks, ADD

Favorite The Band song: “Jemima Surrender”

Favorite White Stripes song: ?

Favorite Willie Nelson song: “Graceland”

Favorite Indigo Girls song: “Closer to Fine”

Favorite They Might Be Giants Song: “They Might Be Giants” (from Flood)

And now my THREE additions:

Favorite Frank Sinatra song: “That’s Life”

Favorite Supremes song: “Love Is Like an Itchin’ in My Heart”

Favorite Temptations song: “I Can’t Get Next to You”

Any other masochists out there?

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