Rock Meme-Neil Young Hits the Big 6-0

Yes, Neil made it to 60, despite that real health scare of a brain aneurysm earlier this year.

He may very well be my favorite living artist. I have, in one form or another, at least two dozen of his albums, from Buffalo Springfield, to CSNY (and combinations thereof), to his range of solo works. He changes phases like a chameleon, and I’ve gone with him through most of them: folk-rock to rock to rockabilly, electronic to grunge. I have his current album, Prairie Wind, on my Christmas wish list (along with other geezers such as Macca, the Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder).

Here’s a recent interview.

I knew that Neil is a big train enthusiast, and I ALMOST made a mixed tape of train songs to send to him. Ultimately, I didn’t, but only because I thought it was a bit too geeky.

Artist/Band: Neil Young (b. in Toronto, 11/12/1945)
Are you male or female: Man Needs a Maid
Describe yourself: We R in Control
How do some people feel about you: Mystery Train
How do you feel about yourself: Like a Hurricane
Describe what you want to be: Campaigner
Describe how you live: Don’t Let It Bring You Down
Describe how you love: When You Dance, I Can Really Love; Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Share a few words of wisdom: Rust Never Sleeps

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