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Sometimes, time gets away from me, holidays and all. I’d planned a much longer thing. In any case, I really wanted to plug the second item, since it’s time-sensitive.

Superdickery: A site dedicated to the proposition that a certain Man of Steel is a… – includes comic covers that I find often rather funny in the “what were they thinking?” way.

Liberal Coalition Lefty, who is a member, turned me onto this blog some time ago. From there I found Neural Gourmet, which is currently doing a Carnival of Bad History 4 Call For Submissions

What is bad history? From the home site of the CoBH, it’s bad history whenever:

History is badly presented. This is usually in TV, movies or books. For instance, if you see a Roman soldier wearing a digital watch then you can be pretty sure it’s bad history.
History is badly used. Ever known a politician to draw unjustified historical parallels or even outright lie about a historical event? No? Your cable TV must be out! You need to be reading the Carnival of Bad History more.
Historians behave badly. While it’s unlikely you’re ever going to see a Historians Gone Wild! video, historians are all too human. Plagiarism, corporate sell-outs, frequent appearances on TV talking head shows… All bad history for the most part.
Deadline 12/22

Greg and other historians, submit! (I mean “submit ideas”.)

Golems of light endlessly toil and play,
waiting for instructions for another day.

Reminds me of what I think goes on this time of year at the North Pole.

Are electronic voting machines with proprietary software are inherently fraudulent? Probably.

Someone sent me this nearly year-old link about biometric payments only recently. The somewhat creepy animation got me thinking, though: How is

Piggly Wiggly different from

Porky Pig? It’s in the eyes, or more specifically, in the shape of the eyes, the eyeballs, and the thickness of the lines around the eyes. They both like bowties, though.

How Swearing Works, dammit!

Friend Bill writes: They Might Be Giants wrote and performed songs specifically about each venue they played on their last tour. Click on the Albany link for something I hope you’ll all get a kick out of. LINK. (As a bonus for all comix fans, check out the Dallas link for some Kim Deitch animation.)

The Official Reality Dot Appreciation Page

“You’re ruining your reputation/ And I can give two reasons why…” Indeed.
Hope y’all can play an mp3:
Worst song ever– I swear I posted this before, but I searched for it and could not find it.

Now I’ll go over to Burgas’ site and follow the rest of the links he posted last week.

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