The Departure of MB

One of my library co-workers, Mary Beth, is leaving today. I’m sad about that, for a number of reasons, including the fact that she’s become my friend, some of which is indicated here.

Beyond that, though, is the very real problem facing the remaining three librarians. We were having problems keeping up with the reference pile with the four of us. For three of us, it’ll be that much harder.

Adding to the mix are these factors:
1) we’re all going to a three-day program-wide conference next month, for which we’re doing a presentation that still needs to be done
2) I’m going to a three-day conference next month, for which I’m doing a presentation that still needs to be done
3) The Move

The Move will get its own post mighty soon. Let’s just say for now that I’m NOT happy.

It occurred to me that this will be the fourth major move in less than 14 years on this job.

The first place I worked was on the fifth floor of the old Delaware and Hudson building, commonly referred to as the Castle, the headquarters of SUNY Systems Administration, still usually referred to as SUNY Central, on Broadway in downtown Albany. When I first arrived there, I was in an entranceway, sharing a phone line with the fax, so that when I answered the phone, I wasn’t sure whether I would hear a human voice or an electronically-induced painmaker. Eventually, though, I got an office, shared with one colleague for a year, and another for four. That wasn’t bad, although someone did a building study, which indicated that our organization had the greatest number of people per square foot in the building.

Then we moved around the corner to 41 State Street, the mezzanine, which was awful, at least for me, due to someone’s design that made my (shared) office a passageway between one set of offices and another. Difficult to get work done. I was there for about three years.

But then we moved up to the 7th floor of the same building, and it was great! My own office. No window, but that was OK. It’s been quite civilized for the past three for four years.

And now, move number four, going from downtown to a place oxymoronically named Corporate Woods. As I said, you’ll hear more about that soon. I’m trying to write about it so that it doesn’t sound like a bilious screed. So far, it’s not working.

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