Three Earth Day questions

The wife and child have been away a couple days visiting Gramma and Grandpa. I’ve been doing the bachelor thing for the last two days. So this morning, while I de-bach the house, I was hoping, on this 26th anniversary of Earth Day, that you would be willing to answer these three questions. I’m particularly interested in opinions from outside the United States, but don’t let that discourage you Americans from replying. My answers will be in the response area.

1. How do you celebrate Earth Day, if you do? Did you used to? Was it an enforced thing, such as a school project?

2. Can what the individual does matter environmentally, or does industrial disease leading to global warming make the effort pointless and hopeless?

3. Who are your environmental heroes?
Earth Day Piques Interest in Environment-Related Searches. Shocking!
If you like the Beatles, but aren’t that fond of Rummy and his boss, this may interest you. Requires sound. Courtesy of Socks.
Happy two to the fifth power, Kelly! You have to admit that, since you married Lefty, that makes you a tiny bit weird. But in a good way. Keep inappropriate items off his head, please.
Ken Jennings speaks!. Courtesy of LM. Ken Jennings will be in a special Monday sesquicentennial post, quite coincidentally.
Yesterday, Fred did his best Grantland Rice impression. Or at least Roger Angell. This is a good thing.
A list of animal adjectives. Who knew turdine was a real word?

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