"The champagne was…"

We tried to keep Lydia from watching TV before she was 2, and even now we try to limit it. But I was curious just what WAS out there for kids. So, I was flicking through the kids’ tier of programming recently when I came across as show called Popular Mechanics for Kids. It purportedly starred a tween boy and girl, but clearly the girl was the star. (In fact, at some point, the boy was replaced.) The girl, Elisha, is a goalie in a hockey match! Elisha makes her own rap song! I looked at the credits. The show was filmed in the later 1990s (1996 or 1997, for the episodes I looked at), by some Canadian production company. And Elisha turned out to be Elisha Cuthbert, the Perils-of-Kim-Bauer co-star of the FOX TV show “24” .

This got me thinking about famous Canadians. When I grew up I knew about Lorne Greene, Pa Cartwright on “Bonanza”, and Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young. But there are lots more: Sandra Oh, Rachel McAdams, Mars Bonfire (writer of that American classic, “Born to Be Wild”)

So, in honor of Canada Day, check out:

Well Known People Who Happen to be Canadian

Famous Canadians

It’s a beauty way to go.

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