FAMILY: Happy Birthday, Carol

Since it’s my wife’s birthday, I figure I’d better write down all of her major flaws.


Oh, she tries to squeeze too much in to a time frame, which sometime makes us late. In fact, today, scheduled a walk, a trip to the Y for a swim class for Lydia, a Bible study…and she IS allowing me to take her to dinner.


Well, that’s pretty much it.

Do you know what she wants for her birthday? For me to help her pick up things around the house, and a gift card from one of those kitchen appliance stores. Check, and check.

This summer, she’s co-ordinating this ESL summer enrichment program, thus cutting into her downtime – teachers NEED their summer downtime, I gather.

Anyway, she’s a good mom.

She’s gotten a lot more cynical about politics (like her husband) than she used to be, which is too bad, though quite understandable. She pays more attention to the news.
I could write a lot more, but the chances she’ll even see it is quite minimal.

The one thing I need to do is get a picture of her without the child. BL, I always had pictures of her solo.

Anyway, happy birthday, honey. I love you.

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