Monday Meme 7/31

But first, this article from Greg Haymes, who, as Sergeant Blotto, helped inaugurate the first episode of MTV with its “I Wanna Be a Lifeguard” video. I seem to recall that at least parts of the Capital District was NOT getting their MTV in the beginning because it was too scandalous, but I can’t find a reference to it. Can anyone from around Albany remember if MTV was being broadcast from the start? Is it true that original VJ Martha Quinn was born in Albany? And is there a correlation between Blotto’s appearance and Quinn? As the saying goes, this inquiring mind wants to know. But isn’t it ironic that the rebroadcast of those “rowdy” MTV videos tomorrow will not be on MTV but on VH-1 Classics?
Stolen, as is usually the case, from Lefty

Well, I AM brilliant. (I jest! I jest!) But I do relate to the conflicted nature, as described. And since I was at the page:

Oh, my. I saw this movie. Once. Once was enough. I think I talked about it afterwards with the two people I saw it with for longer than the movie ran, and it’s not a short film. I suppose there is a little of the rescuer in me.
Lefty takes the advice of his musical gurus, including me.

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