The Lydster, Part 28: The Greens

The best thing about the past month is that Lydia has had to spend time with her Grandma Green, her Aunt Leslie, her Aunt Marcia, and her cousin Alexandria. Because of the geography, there has been a bit of an imbalance. Carol’s farthest close relative, her brother Mark, lives in southeast Pennsylvania. My nearest close relatives live in Charlotte, NC. So there have many more occasions for Lydia to get to know her relatives on her mother’s side than n her father’s side.

This isn’t just a case of jealousy. My mom’s 78 and she really hadn’t had a chance to spend with her youngest granddaughter. In fact, with all of the traveling by the Greens to the Northeast, that was my primary goal: for the Greens to get to know Lydia better.

Of course, since they don’t see her often, they do tend to lavish on her. Her aunts bought her a tricycle this month, which she loves to ride. One Aunt bought her a Curious George stuffed animal, which is second only to old reliable Kitty Cat in terms of sleeping companions.

Now, if I were a GOOD blogger, I’d have pictures of all these folks. I’ve TAKEN pictures, but just haven’t had time to develop anything. In fact, all of these pictures were taken the same day, the same day the truck took out the tree across the street. The picture below was from when she was about six months old, because I have nothing else current. To paraphrase Bullwinkle J. Moose, next month for sure!

Anyway, Lydia knows I love her, and that’s the important thing.

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