Five Things: Monday Meme

Out of town for the fourth weekend out of the last five. Soon, I’ll be writing about some of these adventures, I hope. Meanwhile:

From Jaquandor, via Tosy

Five things . . .

…in my refrigerator (without looking).
1. Lots of milk 2% organic for Lydia, 1% non-organic for Carol and me, but that may change.
2. Lots of yogurt,some for Lydia in the large (cottage cheese sized) containers, and some (single serving types) for me. (Carol steals Lydia’s)
3. A can of cola I got, left over from a party.
4. Bread, because it’d get moldy on the counter.
5. Several types of pickles.

. . . in my closet.
I don’t have a closet. I have an armoire, imposed upon me by my wife when the child came around and stole my closet. My sister came and reorganized it so I can’t find anything.

….in my bag (this would be my backpack)
1. Music taken to or from work Currently- Tony Bennett, who turned 80 last week, Buddy Guy, who turned 70 last week, Complete Stax/Volt, Alison Krauss, the Band).
2. Underwear taken to the Y, or dirty clothes taken from the Y.
3. Loose change, because it otherwise makes so much noise in my pocket.
4. Some recent, but not current, periodical. Parts of Saturday’s newspaper.
5. My spare glasses (my sunglasses when it’s cloudy.

….in my vehicle.
My vehicle’s my bike. There is nothing in it, and the only things on it when it’s put away is the bike lock and the helmet.

…on my desk (at work).
1. Way too many loose papers.
2. Some newspapers from last week.
3. A picture of Carol, and trimmed photo of Lydia inserted therein.
4. A reference question I’m working on.
5. At least two pens, probably with no caps.

…on my walls (at work).
1. A picture of John Lennon.
2. A map of the United States.
That’s about it. It’s a small space.

….on my bookshelves (other than books).
1. A spindle of CD-Rs.
2. Census CDs.
3. A few comic books people have given me.
4. A few music CDs.
5. A stack of unsorted papers.

. . . I want to do in the next few years.
1. Read more books not geared toward children.
2. See more plays.
3. See more movies, if even at home.
4. See a Broadway play or two.
5. See more live baseball.

. . . On my nightstand.
1. A battery-powered push light in case the power goes out, so I can see.
2. A telephone receiver. Lydia has knocked the rest of it on the floor so repeatedly that we’ve unplugged it, but easily reinstall.
3. A clock/radio.
4. An old lamp.
5. A cup holding pencils and pens.

. . . I’m hoping to get for Christmas (assuming I haven’t been too naughty)
1. The new Dylan album.
2. A World Almanac 2007 or two.
3. Leonard Maltin Movie Guide.
4. The Complete New Yorker
5. The Beatles Box Set 2. Also, Box Set 1.
This post on 8/7/06 at 5:43 p.m. What is the significance? You’ll have to ask Julie Hembeck.

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