There was an anti-war rally in NYC in May of 1972, which a bunch of us from New Paltz, about 90 miles away, attended. We left after a few hours of none-too-pleasant weather. We were VERY disappointed to learn that, shortly after our departure, John & Yoko showed up unexpectedly at the rally. In fact, we considered turning around, for their words were being carried live on the radio.

Which is only peripherally related to my weekly queries:

1. What famous people have you met for long enough to actually have a decent conversation?
Earl Warren, Rod Serling, Anita Baker. (Is Alex Trebek famous?)

2. What famous people have you had an unexpected brief encounter?
Randy Newman, Stanley Tucci, Pete Seeger, Mark Lane (Dick Gregory’s VP candidate in 1968, who was in some legal trouble mentioned on the front page of the NY Times on the very day I saw him).

3. What famous people have you had an expected brief encounter with?
Nelson Rockefeller.

4. What famous people have you seen unexpectedly, but didn’t talk with? I’m not talking about seeing someone at a concert, unless they were in the audience and seemingly unrelated to the artist.
Mike Tyson with Jack Nicholson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Fred is happy that the Mets are up two games to none.. I’m happy because I actually picked the Mets and the Tigers (up two games to one against the YANKEES) to go to the World Series. Of course, I don’t think I’ve picked both participants in a World Series since the Subway Series of 2000; I usually get one right. Didn’t pick the Red Sox or the White Sox, that’s for certain. And Oakland dispatched the Twins mighty easily, which makes me nervous.
Kelly is being weird again. She is taking words and, through the magic of Google, is turning those words into images. Sadly, I find myself wanting to enable this weirdness. Her husband has strange thoughts, too. And curse GayProf for making me remember that I actually used to watch Chico and the Man.

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