The Adenoidectomy?

I know you’re tired of hearing what a wonderful child I have – well, tough. But it is true that Lydia seems very suspectible to runny noses, which develop into coughing jags, especially while sleeping.

At first, we thought they were colds. On her first visit after Lydia was born, my mother said that she was “sickly”. But we’ve since determined that it is a sinus infection that she gets with frustrating regularity. Indeed, many of the symptoms noted here under rhinosinusitis are applicable. We took her to a specialist recently, and he recommended the removal of her adenoids.


Well, here’s the breakdown:

PRO: Carol’s talked to people whose children have had the surgery and they claim the very positive results in terms of not only no more runny noses and better breathing generally, but improved speech, fewer ear infections, and more.

We can probably get rid of all of her nose sprays, her quarterly doses of antibiotics, etc.

It is a minimally invasive surgery that can be done in about 7 minutes.

CON: It’s surgery.

Using general anesthesia.

On my child.

So, we’re thinking on it, praying on it, getting second opinions about it. Other feedback is appreciated.

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