Talking with myself

It occurred to me that perhaps the best way to celebrate (milk) the blogiversary is to answer some of the questions I asked Scott as couple months back.

What posting(s) have generated the most interest, either in terms of comments and/or referrals to your piece in Google?

Well, in addition to what I mentioned the other day, Lydia is usually good for a few mentions. There are certain people who really like it when I venture into the comic book realm. The very few times I mention the radio station my grandfather worked at, WNBF in Binghamton, invariably gets some traffic. In fact, that last sentence will almost certainly bring some old radio/TV fan to this post.

Who comes to your blog, if you have a way of tracking that? What exotic locales have sent you comments?

There are certain friends, Internet and otherwise, who let me know they’re reading; some of them even comment.

Oh, and BTW, those of you who are confounded by commenting because Blogger wants signed postings to have a Google account; you CAN sign as Anonymous, and put your name in the body of the post. Also, I’ve found moderating the posts, for me, to be the most preferable way to avoid the spam postings; I started doing that the same time I went to new Blogger a few months back. As a user, I find it easier than typing in the alphabetic gobbledygook some sites require, including some sites I visit regularly.

And I’ve actually left some “spam” on. There was a piece I did on the Supremes a couple months ago, and someone wrote selling a book about Florence Ballard; I left it. At least it was targeted spam.

Here’s something that didn’t happen at all the previous year; my wife occasionally reads my blog.

I’ve had people visit from many lands, from half of the countries in the Western Hemisphere, all over Europe and Asia, some from Africa, some tiny Pacific islands. The comment I got that was from the farthest point was a young woman from Singapore, I believe.

Ultimately, why are you blogging? Do you ever write something, hoping you’ll get some sort of reaction and then … nothing?

The initial motivation was curiosity about why anyone would blog. Then, and I think Scott was experiencing the same thing, it was to impart my VAST wisdom on the universe. Then, it was to rant. Now, it’s because it seems to be, for the time being anyway, What I Do.

Yeah, I gave a link to the Bible done in LEGOS once; thought people would think it was funny, or would be outraged. Nothing. Generally, the less likely I think a piece will generate comments, the more likely it will, and vice versa.
Happy birthday, Janna and Annika.


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