M is for the many things she gave me

I’m happy to note that my mom is alive and well in North Carolina. She’s turning the big EIGHT-OH this year.

It’s quite convenient, my in-law’s birthdays and my parents’. My mother is a decade older than my mother-in-law, and if my father were still alive, he would be a decade older than my father-in-law.

Carol, her brothers, and their spouses planned a surprise birthday party for my mother-in-law last month. It was a surprise because it was almost a month after her actual birthday. We used the birthday of one of her sons, Dan, whose birthday was April 1, as the ruse to get her to Brooks Bar-B-Q, where her siblings, other family members and friends were all gathered. It was great fun, especially when her husband read this poorly constructed letter from an insurance company indicating that she (rather than her policy) would be terminated. (You had to be there, I suppose.)

My sisters noted Father’s Day when I first became a dad, so I think it’s only fitting that I give kudos to Leslie and Marcia.

Then there’s my wife, but since I’ll be talking about her soon, we’ll keep that in abeyance.
Best wishes and prayers to these folk.
Will Gay Prof lose his gravitas now that his mom is visiting?
And aprops of Stevie Wonder’s 57th birthday, I was listening to some of his tunes, and what significant lyric gets stuck in my head? “Do you want some can-day? Do you want some hon-ey-suck-le?”


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