The Office

It occurred to me that our office recently “celebrated” our first anniversary at Corporate Woods.

You may recall that I complained bitterly about the move, but that I have said little about it recently.

Know that I still find it a soulless, inconvenient place. The good news is that they finally put our organization’s name on the signs at the 1st and 3rd floor elevators this month.

The phone system is still wretched, even though it was sold to us as a vast improvement over our old system. The power in the whole building went out recently.

And working in a cubicle is still stultifying.

Fortunately, I’ve taken up some hobbies…

And I’ve decided…

…to make the best of things…

…and put on a happy face.

And at work, I always write good.
Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on the TV series “The Office”, and incidentally, shares a birthday with me, injured her back after a fall on some marble steps. Best wishes to her on a speedy recovery.


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